Two Biggest Mistakes In Web Design

Two Biggest Mistakes In Web Design

Two biggest mistakes in web designIt’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, the internet didn’t exist. Think of all the web design geeks right here in Indianapolis who would be doing something else if this were the 1950s. Maybe they would be out of a job. Maybe they would be working at a fast food joint. Most likely they would be designing on paper. Yikes.

The world is very different now. A lot of people can hardly live without internet. Back in the day, when you went into business, you had to find a home office. Now, imagine your website as your home office. You wouldn’t choose to set up camp in a bad part of town. You would want some great signage for your store or office to let everyone know you exist. What if your office had roaches? You would never have visitors. Even though your website is not a physical space, you really can’t afford to neglect it. A site with poor web design will wipe your business right of the Indianapolis map.

Without further ado, we present the two biggest mistakes in web design.

Biggest Mistakes In Web Design 1: Ugly Web Design

We aren’t just talking about personal tastes here. We are talking hard facts. If you have yellow star bursts  tons of banner ads, outdated fonts and a poor or inflexible layout, your bounce rate will shoot through the roof. Your look is your hook. The customer ended up on your site because they thought it might be relevant to their needs. If your website says, “Hey, I didn’t want to take the time or money to invest in myself,” you aren’t presenting yourself as a credible service provider. Why should customers invest in you when you won’t invest in yourself?

Sometimes ugly arises from an unskilled web designer. Just because your aunt’s second cousin (once removed) is going to school in Indianapolis for web design doesn’t mean you should enlist her services for the electronic face of your business.

Biggest Mistakes In Web Design 2: Visually Confusing Web Design

When you look at your business’s homepage, where does your eye first go? If your answer isn’t “a call to action that will earn me a lead,” your website is too confusing. Sometimes too many graphics can overstimulate and drown out your major call to action. With too many buttons and links to choose from, visitors may just leave and try to find a site they understand a little better. You’d better believe that your competitors are making it as easy as possible. You can’t afford to have a site that has too much going on.

Unfortunately, even some of the greatest web design firms in Indianapolis may be tempted to fall prey to the “visually confusing” pitfall. Why? Because sometimes web designers are tempted to get fancy. Animated effects and complex page transitions might look awesome, but will your users be able to connect the dots?

What do you think?

Thoughts? Want some input on your website? Any other frequent web design fails you have noticed here in Indianapolis? Comment or drop us a line.

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