Are Your Emails Exciting Enough?

Are Your Emails Exciting Enough?

Email marketing is one of the trickiest marketing strategies to get right. When do you send the emails? How often do you send them? Have you segmented your list correctly? Is your subject line going to get you opens? What’s your average click-through rate? There are so many variables involved that most get stressed out and give up. Throwing in the towel is one way to handle email marketing, but another (better way) to handle it is by making your emails exciting.

Think about the emails you get everyday. What makes you open them? What makes you click on the links? Use your own inbox as inspiration when writing emails. And, when that doesn’t seem to be enough, use these tips to make email marketing exiting:

Subject lines are the entry point to your emails.

Let’s, just for a second, think about your email marketing campaigns as an amusement park. Would you want to go to an amusement park where the entry point is just some boring ticket booth? No. You want an exciting entrance. At Disney World, before they open the gates every day, there’s actually a show for park goers. Your subject lines need to be that first bit of excitement for recipients. While best practices say your email subject lines need to be a preview of the content in the email, they also need to be exciting enough for someone to open. Think about the best way to entice your recipients to open the email. What are they looking for? What can you offer them? Then, tie it back into the content of your email.

Images are a great way to catch a reader’s eye.

If you’re giving your email marketing recipients a straight wall of text, then something’s wrong. That’s like going to an amusement park and only riding one ride over and over and over. Eventually, you give up. You stop getting back in line. You pack up and head home. In the case of your emails, if readers only see a giant wall of text, they’re going to hit the delete button before they even get through half of the text. Make your email exciting and engaging by adding an image or two. Including a graphic in the header of your email helps readers make an immediate connection while including an image within the body of the email helps break up the content.

Bullet points and bolded text are your best friend.

At an amusement park, you’ll find tons of kiosks and food stands all over the park. Have you stopped to think about why these aren’t all in one location? It’s because the park wants you to purchase that hot dog and blue-raspberry slushie at 10 am. It’s a way for them to make more money, so they place these kiosks and stands strategically around the park. In the same way, you need to strategically use bullet points and bolded text to get readers to actually read the most important parts of your content. Instead of using paragraph after paragraph, break things up with a bulleted list. If you do use paragraphs, bold the most important words, phrases, and sentences.

Email signatures help close out your message and create a touch point.

If you just put your name at the end of your email as a signature, then you’re missing out on a crucial touch point. Sure, your name lets the recipient know who the email was from, but that’s not exactly an exciting way to close your email. Don’t fizzle out. Instead, keep it light and direct your readers to more content. Maybe you want to share an article you found or even one you wrote. You could include relevant blog posts on your site. No matter how you decide to close your email, be sure you share your social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Whatever channels you’re on, make sure you’re giving the email recipients a way to find you online.

Are you ready to write your next email and make it as exciting as an amusement park? It’s okay if you aren’t because that’s where Iconic Digital comes in. We can help you develop an email marketing automation game plan that knocks the socks off of your lists. From content development to graphic creation and list segmentation, our team will work with you to refine your message and get it in front of the right people.

Are you ready to make your email marketing exciting? Contact Indianapolis digital marketing firm, Iconic Digital, to get started.

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