How to Engage Customers in A Snapchat World

How to Engage Customers in A Snapchat World

Today’s consumers have an ever shrinking attention span. Snapchat ushered in an era of consumers looking for quick, to the point, and engaging content. You no longer have minutes to capture attention and draw consumers in. You have seconds.

Do you know how you’re going to do it?

This post is all about engaging and connecting with those users. Your tactics have to change. It’s no longer about who has the biggest budget, the loudest marketing, or the most people on staff. It’s about creating authentic relationships with individual consumers.

Engage Customers in A Snapchat World

Segmentation of audiences allows for content to be user specific.

Gone are the days of loud marketing messages. Gone are the days of marketing messages being effective at reaching the masses. Today’s customers don’t want you to talk to them like they are everyone else. They want to speak to them as an individual. Segmenting your audience in your marketing will help tailor messages to individual users.

Because today’s customers are looking for a tailored experience, that’s how you have to connect to them. Provide them with quick, digestible pieces of information. While it may feel like broken information to you, it paints a story for them. Each message should engage customers in a way that creates an experience and paints a bigger story.

An emphasis on customer service improves the reflective design experience.

Snapchat is popular because it’s quick. Consumers aren’t looking to read a full page of text or sit through a 30 minute product video. They want the information and they want it now.

Snapchats, Instagram stories, and other tools are fleeting because consumers don’t to view the same content for hours. To engage customers, you need something punchy. Something they can digest in a few seconds. The challenge with engaging this type of consumer mentality is creating effective, quick content. Updates have to be entertaining, powerful, or informative. It’s up to your brand to decide which one.

Experiences are a more effective as a marketing tool.

Statistics show that consumers are ditching products for experiences. Rather than spend their money on things, consumers are opting for new experiences. This behavior has many in the product marketplace worried about the future. The better response, though, is to create or involve the brand in the experiences.

If you look at brands like AirBNB it isn’t about renting someone’s home while traveling. It’s about the experience you have while traveling. AirBNB has even created experience packages to go along with the rentals. You can get your lodgings and plan your activities all in one location.

But, other brands can participate in these experiences as well. Your customer service creates an experience every time a customer interacts with the team. It’s all about making your customer feel like they are your only customers.

Keep your brand authentic to keep consumers engaged.

It isn’t about selling anymore. It’s about connecting. Consumers are looking for authenticity in the brands they follow and buy from. We aren’t talking about forced authenticity either. We’re talking about genuine authenticity and connecting with consumers. Currently, we live in a time of mistrust. Rather than trying products or allowing brands to prove themselves, we turn to channels like Yelp, Facebook Reviews, and Amazon .

Authentic brands accept this and take action. They don’t create fake accounts to boost their ratings. They respond to those ratings. They engage customers wherever their customers are. Authentic brands embrace their story and their customer’s stories. It’s not about your products or services, it’s about your consumers interacting with your products and services.

Connect through values and relationships not sales pitches.

Marketing isn’t about telling consumers what they want anymore. It’s about connecting with them on what they want. A good marketer hears their customers. A great marketer listens to their customers. The Snapchat era has ushered in countless tools for brands to create these relationships. Hashtags, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YELP, these are all great places to engage customers.

Share photos of your products and encourage customers to do the same. Create a unique hashtag and get your followers to use it. Track where users are posting from. Engage them when they tag or mention your brand. Doing this shows that particular customer and other potential customers your level of engagement. Don’t try to sell your brand. Instead, create value. Give users a reason to follow you

Engaging Your Customers

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