Fail Fest 2014: We Can’t Wait To Talk About Failure… Wait… What?

Fail Fest 2014: We Can’t Wait To Talk About Failure… Wait… What?


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There is an event that we really hope, as entrepreneurs, you have marked on your calendars.  It’s called Fail Fest 2014.  Ordinarily, as a fellow entrepreneur, the mere mention of failure would send shivers down my back and force me to a dark corner where I would remain in the fetal position until the thought passed.

This is different.  The Iconic Digital Team and I are incredibly excited to attend.  In fact, we even got the opportunity to design the logo and are thrilled to be a part of such an extraordinary event as a sponsor.

The all day event (November 19, 2014), will feature speakers that are icons in the Indiana business community telling a different story of failure in business than I am used to considering.  The message revolves around the role failure plays in moving careers, companies, and communities forward.  Often failure in any of these areas is seen as catastrophic and, quite honestly, it can be for a period of time.   But, what I have learned and what the speakers will express is the necessary role failure plays in innovation.

To have people like Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann, Scott Jones (Eleven Fifty), Gerry Hays (Slane Capital), Jeb Banner (Small Box), John Wechsler (Launch Fishers), Scott Fadness (soon to be Mayor of Fishers), Clay Robinson (Sun King Brewery), Gerry Dick (Inside Indiana Business), and other highly successful entrepreneurs from around Indiana willing to share their personal stories, will surely be an insightful spin on a topic we all shy away from.  This is an education most of us would likely not have without an event like Fail Fest and we implore every entrepreneur to take advantage of the opportunity.

Here’s a great quote from the press release from one of the Fail Fest speakers: “We should stop benching our players that swing for the fence and occasionally miss,” said Fail Fest speaker and DeveloperTown Managing Partner Michael Cloran. “If you only swing at the perfect pitch you won’t score many runs. We need to make it acceptable for people to take a shot at innovation realizing that they may fall short of their goals from time to time.”

I have had the good fortune to work with some of these people like Matt Wyatt, John Wechsler and Scott Fadness.  I’ve met a few more.  I’ve admired others’ stories from afar.  All are impressive.  This event, being held in Fishers, is yet another shining example of leaders like Wechsler and Fadness (driving forces behind Launch Fishers) quickly positioning our community as a prominent destination for and friendly environment to entrepreneurs in Indiana and around the country.

Personally, I can’t wait to learn from this event.  I look forward to the Fail Fest 2014 and wish you all the best of luck.  BTW – if you need tickets, get them here.

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