Finding Your Purple Cow

Finding Your Purple Cow

To stand out, you need to find your purple cow.While driving on the interstate through rural areas, have you ever noticed all of the cows? After a while, they all sort of start to blend together. One after another, the cows all start to look the same. Normal cows are brown. Okay, maybe they’re black and white. Or maybe they have a reddish color. Whatever their color, they are most likely in a field with cows that look exactly like each other. And, unless you’re the farmer taking care of them, they all look the same. But, what if there was a single purple cow in that field of brown cows. Wouldn’t it be impossible to miss it? Wouldn’t that purple cow stand out even as you zip by on the interstate?

Really, What Is A Purple Cow?

Okay, okay, okay, so purple cows aren’t a real thing. But when it comes to marketing and selling products, the idea behind the purple cow in the above example is what you need to be striving for. You need to be the business, service, or product standing out in a field full of brown cows.

While traditional strategies have you following the 7 Ps of Marketing, you need something new. It isn’t enough to just create something anymore. Marketing is a battle of perceptions. In order to compete, you have to create something truly unique. Something exceptionally remarkable. Something that will make a difference in the minds of your target audience. Your remarkable product needs to be capable of marketing itself.

You shouldn’t be trying to appeal to everyone. You should be trying to appeal to the right people. You need a purple cow that you can keep milking over and over again. Something that will get people talking and keep them talking.

When you’re ready to ditch the traditional marketing strategies and build ones that show how remarkable you are, the digital marketing firm, Iconic Digital, is ready to help. Our team of marketers, designers, writers, and creatives are ready to help you discover your purple cow.

Ready to get started? Contact the team at Iconic Digital.

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Carolyn Byard

Carolyn is Iconic's art director and office dog handler. She strives to build unicorns, and she is completely obsessed with the fusion of beautiful design with strong strategy for unforgettable user interfaces.