Free Music Resources

Free Music Resources

Free music resources for video production projectsFree music resources can be just as tough to find as free stock photo resources. We get a lot of questions about how to find music and sound effects for free. Remember… when you are looking for free music resources, you will be sacrificing something for the price you would be paying. Be prepared to slug through more music and sound effects that may not be of the highest quality. That said, the sites we have listed here have many, many hidden gems and one of them is certain to suit your needs.

This site is mainly dedicated to sound effects. All you will need to get started is a username and a password. You will find some music on here, but this site’s strong suit is sound effect that will take your audio to a new level. Watch out for a few, lower quality submissions, but for the most part, this is a great collection of sound effects. Good, free sound effects are a hard find… and this site is golden. Be sure to check the rules of each sound effect; you might need to add some credits.

This is by far one of the best free music resources on the web today. This site hosts a vast collection of music written by artist who have donated their music. You will also find a wide variety of classical music (to which copyright law does not apply) that is recorded by professionals. The quality of music often depends on category. Some genres on this site are better than others. The best thing is that this free music resource allows you to download shortened versions of the songs to determine if the music is right for you. Even the descriptions are helpful, using colorful adjectives to give you an idea of what the music sounds like before you download a preview.


This site deserves more props. If you strike out with and (which you probably won’t), try Wikimedia. It has an odd collection of audio that might just be the final touch for your project. Watch out for the sound quality of a few of the submissions, and be prepared to write a credit.

Need help using these free music resources?

These free music resources will definitely get your project moving in the right direction. Want some help compiling audio for a project? Drop us a line!

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