Free Stock Photo Resources Online

Free Stock Photo Resources Online

Free stock photo resourcesWe have talked about free stock photo resources before… but after our post, we received a stream of great suggestions from our readers. We looked into their recommendations for free stock photo websites and we found that many of them offer great free stock photos. With so many paid stock photo websites competing for the search term “stock photo”, these free resources are all but buried.

Ready for the list? Bookmark this page… you will be thanking yourself later.

Free Stock Photo Resources

  • – This still our favorite place to start when we are on the hunt for free stock photo resources. There is a great variety of high-resolution photos. Create an account and go to town!
  • – Wait, what? Yep. Flickr. In order for you to keep things legal, though, be sure you are searching properly. You will need to go to “Advanced Search” and specify that you are looking for Creative Commons Liscenced Content.
  • – Register and get started with these great free stock photos. This site has a great collection of imagery.
  • – This collection of free stock photo resources is a little smaller, but the quality of photos is pretty darn solid. MorgueFile has a great collection.
  • – Need high resolution background imagery and textures? This site is one of the best free stock photo resources for background textures… ever.
  • – This is a great collection of free stock photo resources. No login needed, just start searching and find some awesome high resolution photos.
  • – If you are looking to build a library of high resolution stock photos (which is a really good idea, by the way), this is your place. Visit every 10 days and save the 10 beautiful photos to a library on your computer.
  • – This site is another great free stock photo resource for people looking to build their library. There isn’t an easy search function, but there are a lot of great photos, so stop in now and again to boost your library.
  • – This is a great site for free stock photo resources… no registration required. Just pop in a search term or two and get downloading.
  • – This site can be irritating now and again, but a good search will lead you to a vast collection of creative commons images. Don’t count on all of them being high quality, but this is a solid way to find pictures of very specific places. Looking for pictures of downtown historic Indianapolis? This is a good starting point.
  • – This link will take you to the stock photo/art section of the site. Be sure to check the permissions, which vary greatly, but this collection offers some really fresh, unique options.

Do you have any favorite free stock photo resources that weren’t included in this list? We want to hear all about them!

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