Marketing Firms And Logo Design

Marketing Firms And Logo Design

Marketing Firms and logo designMarketing firms should be focusing on fashion AND function. There. We said it. We see it all the time… clients walk into our doors, frustrated that their logo does not reflect their business. When it comes to your logo design, marketing firms should be marrying fashion with function… always.

Let’s break it down.

Fashion of Logo Design

Your logo design has to be excellent. Go back to the very first three seconds when your designer first put the sketches in front of you. Did you gasp? Did the design grab your eye? It is crucial that – in a sea of zillions of other logos – your logo stands out of the crowd. We have a lot of thoughts about what goes into logo design, but it really has to have that “WOW” factor. If you did not feel wowed in the first few moments of seeing your logo, customers won’t feel wowed, either.

As a side note… sometimes, during the process of revisions, it is easy to get to get too close to the project. To keep yourself moving in the right direction, try to imagine the logo with a fresh pair of eyes each time. Be sure to keep all of the versions in the process to track progress. If you felt wowed to start with, don’t make tweaks that will detract from the attractiveness of your logo.

Function of Logo Design

This is where some marketing firms get lost. Let’s revisit those three seconds again. A customer should be able to know EXACTLY what your business does in three seconds or less. Why? If your design is too abstract, people may not gather an understanding of what your logo (just a symbol at this point) really means. Not understanding = not remembering. Three seconds is all you may have on a billboard or a vehicle wrap to get your message across. Don’t kid yourself… even customers flipping through a magazine or a newspaper won’t spare more than three seconds for your logo.

Ultimately, marketing firms should be creating memorable logos, and that means making your logo easily understandable. Some marketing firms try to talk clients into a more abstract logo. “Nike is just a swoosh,” they will tell you. Does your budget look like Nike’s budget? Nike has billions of dollars to push adds that changed people’s perceptions of that swoosh. Where people once saw a simple check mark, they now see Nike, thanks to billions and billions of marketing dollars. Also, let’s not forget that that Nike Swoosh was created to be functional… Nike needed something that they could easily and effectively sewn into the sides of a pair of shoes. If your business has a similar budget and a similar purpose, more power to you. Otherwise, try to follow the three-second rule. Anything over three seconds is making your customer work too hard.

Marketing Firms Owe It To You.

You deserve a return on investment. If you are going to be spending all that money on a logo, don’t you want it to work for you? By marrying fashion and function, Indianapolis marketing firms can help clients get what they deserve… ROI. Leave abstract for the art world. There’s a reason they call them “starving artists.”

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