Instagram Insanity: Using Instagram For Small Businesses

Instagram Insanity: Using Instagram For Small Businesses

Using Instagram For Small Businesses

Instagram for small businessesThinking about using Instagram for small businesses? We are, too. As you may have noticed, Iconic Digital Marketing recently launched our own Instagram. We’ve been chomping at the bit to do this for quite some time, but we got held up because we were working hard on our brand new website.

Now that our site is out the door, we are pretty snap-happy here, and we are up on the latest trends for using Instagram for small businesses. The thing is, this social media platform is growing so fast that we thought Instagram deserved a mini blog series… and you are reading the first of several posts. These posts will help you learn the basics of Instagram, teach you how to gain followers for your account and give you some ideas about how to leverage your Instagram account to gain viable leads for your business. We hope you find this series helpful.

Without further ado, let’s talk the basics of Instagram. Here’s how to get started:

1. Start posting.

If you want to gain followers, you will need to make a few posts first. No one wants to follow an account with no posts yet. If you are looking to get started, get yourself a small portfolio of pictures before you go out to the world and start trying to glean followers (which we will discuss in our next blog post).

2. Hashtag and mention.

You want to do both. But don’t overdo the hashtags, guys. Instagrammers (#igers) hate nothing more than seeing a million hashtags after a post from a business. Hashtag 3-5 relevant things, and try to shake up the hashtags you use to cast a wider net. Throw in a mention (@iconicdigitalagency) or a tag where appropriate to get some additional feedback. Don’t forget that comments on Instagram are easily missed, so if you are trying to address someone individually, be sure to mention them in your comment.

3. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Seriously. The Instagram community is interested in what you are up to, but they don’t want sales messages stuffed down their throats. Treat Instagram for small businesses like a visual networking opportunity. That means that you shouldn’t talk all business. Throw in some fun pictures of your dog, some snapshots of office decor or employee shenanigans. It’s important to let your personality as a brand show.

4. Don’t post every other minute.

Instagram is way more chill than Twitter. This is a gang who doesn’t mind lingering to appreciate a nice photo of a gorgeous sunset. As such, too many posts can saturate someone’s feed, which can become annoying quickly.

5. Add locations.

If you are holding a meeting at that vintage coffee shop downtown, share it and be sure to add your location. Not only does it help support local business, but it also lets people know where you are, which tells people a lot about your priorities as a brand.

Start using Instagram for small businesses

Are you thinking about implementing a social media marketing plan? Iconic Digital can help you with that. Talk to us about getting your monthly social media marketing plan in place and start leveraging Instagram to get more business!

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