January Marketing Resources to Check Out

January Marketing Resources to Check Out

Check out our marketing resources roundup!We’ve scoured the Internet for the latest tips and resources to help you improve your digital marketing efforts. In this month’s marketing resources roundup, you’ll find everything from content marketing to social media posts. Check out the links for great information!

Is Content Still King?

A few years back, every business, organization, and entrepreneur was out there cranking out as much content as humanly possible. Somewhere along the way the Google Gods decided that websites with the most content win. Here was the problem though: businesses were turning out less than stellar content stuffed to the brim with keywords that didn’t always apply to their business. That’s when Google switched things up and started looking for relevant, quality content.

We were all left wondering, is content still king? Does it still play a major role in digital marketing?

Absolutely. Digital Marketer has a great blog post out right now, “Perfect Content Marketing: How Content Generates Leads and Sales at Every Step of the Funnel.”

Content is still at the top of the digital marketing toolbox, but it’s used a little differently. Check out the blog post to learn more about the importance of content in your sales funnel.

Everyone Is Going Social

At this point, social media really shouldn’t be a secret to anyone. But, there still seems to be a huge aura around how to effectively use social for your business. For the most part, the best way to use social media is to be as authentic and genuine as possible. Doing this will help you grow your follower base and connect with potential customers. However, it’s a little more tricky than that.

Perhaps one of the most confusing social channels for businesses is Instagram. If you aren’t selling a product, what are you supposed to take a picture of? How are you supposed to grow your followership?

In a recent episode of The Science of Social Media from Buffer, Sue B. Zimmerman explains some of the most cutting edge strategies for Instagram. Check it out for the inside scoop on growing your followers and making the most of Instagram.

Traffic Segmentation Transforms Lead Generation

We say this all the time around the Iconic office, “if you’re marketing to everyone, you’ll end up reaching no one.” Without segmentation your messages, no matter how well crafted and planned, won’t get the results you’re looking for.

You need to know your audience personas. You need to know that your customers don’t all fall into one bucket. The challenge? Understanding how to segment your traffic.

Thankfully, Convince and Convert has your back with their post, “How to Segment Your Traffic to Increase Leads and Conversions.” The post is a great guide to understanding segmentations, how to segment your traffic, and what you can achieve by doing it.

Are Popups Still A Thing?

Back in the day, every website used popups and we all hated them. It was a race to click the tiny “x” as fast as humanly possible. So, are popups still a thing and can they really help improve conversion rates?

We think so. It’s all about doing it the right way and Wishpond has a sweet infographic that will help you plan and design your popups so they are effective. If you’re looking to turn visitors into conversions, then you need to check it out.

Back To Social

We know, we know, social media? Again? The truth is a lot of digital marketing is starting to place huge emphasis on your social channels. Knowing how to effectively use these channels could mean the difference in landing a new client and alienating an entire audience segment.

Facebook, is a great place to reach your audience and connect with potential customers. But, you can’t just post any and everything to your business page.

For starters, you need a brand story to drive your messages. But, you also need to understand the basic Insights for Your Facebook Posts.

Ready to Build Your Brand?

When you’re ready to build your brand and put these great marketing resources to use for your business, the team at Iconic Digital is here for you.

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