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Check out our June Marketing Resources!

Every month, we round up some of the best marketing resources and advice we can find and share it with whoever wants it. For our June Marketing resources roundup, we’re covering everything from on-page SEO to Facebook page layouts. Some of these resources can help you take your business and marketing to the next level while others may be a little too advanced, but don’t worry. We have a bonus resource and tip at the end!

Here are your June Marketing Resources:

Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO.


Learn from the best of the best when it comes to keywords: MOZ. These guys really know the ins and outs of keyword targeting. In this great blog post, they’ll show you some crucial steps in identifying multiple keywords that you can use for a single page. Multiple keywords = more search volume = more site traffic. Check out the post and learn how you can start building a niche keyword list for better search results.

Seth Godin has some great tips on gorilla marketing.


Once upon a time, when there was less noise all over the Internet, the goal was to create as much noise as possible. That was the best way to get your audience’s attention. But, what about today when the world is just full of so much noise from your competition and noncompetition? Seth Godin has a few words of advice for you when it comes to gorilla marketing and what you should be doing.

Realistic marketing focuses on the long-term goals not overnight successes.


As a marketer, you most likely have a huge burden on your shoulders. There’s so much you’re expected to accomplish. It’s always a big ask and if you fail it’s all your fault. But, as a realistic marketer, you can allow these burdens to weigh you down. You can’t believe in quick wins. You have to be obsessed with helping customers. Learn more about how to be a realistic marketer.

Facebook layouts help you optimize your business page.


Did you know you can update your business Facebook page? There are a few different templates/layouts available to businesses right now. Picking out the right one and customizing is a great way to improve the experience for those visiting your page. This ultimate guide from Wishpond covers everything from choosing the right layout to optimizing your page fro best results. You’ll also find helpful information on cover images and profile picks. Check out the guide now. 

When you repurpose content you open up new channels of communication.


So, you’ve got a blog, a podcast, social media, and a Youtube account. What do you post to all of those different channels AND keep things fresh? Repurposing content allows you to meet your audience’s needs while keeping things feeling fresh. It’s all about using one piece of content strategically on multiple channels. Turn a video transcript into a blog post. Share a photo on Instagram and link it to your podcast. By connecting and repurposing all of the content you’ve already created, you’ll find it’s easier to keep up with all of your channels. Learn how to repurpose content.

June Marketing Resources Bonus Tip:

Putting all of these resources into place will definitely help your marketing efforts, but you may not have time to do that. You do so much already. That’s where the Iconic Digital team comes in. We’re marketing wizards, word nerds, and design geeks who love working with clients to develop the strategies and tactics they need to build a better brand.

What are you waiting on? Let’s get started.

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