Instagram Insanity: Tips for Leveraging Instagram from an Indianapolis Marketing Firm

Instagram Insanity: Tips for Leveraging Instagram from an Indianapolis Marketing Firm

Tips for Using Instagram to Reel in New Business from an Indianapolis Marketing Firm

Indianapolis marketing firmTake it from an Indianapolis marketing firm: Instagram is hot. If you are thinking about leveraging Instagram for small businesses, you’ve probably set up your account and have gleaned a loyal band of followers.

The next step is to start using your account to gain your business some viable leads. If you are thinking in this direction, you are on the path to winning.

Here’s how to start using your Instagram to bring in new customers.

1. Reward your followers.

Think about doing some giveaways. Do a photo contest. Create a competition and reward the winner. Not only will you gain more followers and engage users, but you can also use this to get someone into the door for the first time. If you are a donut shop, you may Instagram a picture of some fresh donuts and use the caption: “Hey, would you like to win a dozen donuts? Mention us AND one of your friends in your next post and tell us why you love Daisy’s Donuts. You will be entered into a drawing to win you and a friend each a dozen donuts.” Rewarding your followers will inspire them to spread the word to get you new followers… and with any luck, those new followers will also become new customers.

2. Share big promotions.

Is your business opening another location? Instagram is the perfect place to get people hyped. Send out invites to events. Give people a reason to walk through your door. Are you running a promotion on Twitter and Facebook? Why not add Instagram into the mix? After all, plenty of Facebook feeds have become barren wastelands since Instagram made its big splash.

3. Give people content they want.

Hmm, does this sound familiar? Like the founding principle of inbound marketing, maybe? Giving followers pictures that make them smile or stop and stare can never hurt your brand. By sharing content people want, you are throwing bullhorn marketing out the window and starting a conversation. Nowadays, customers do 2/3 of the buying process without ever talking to you. They only contact you during the last third, when they have already formed opinions about what they need. Instead of shouting at that last third, it’s time to build a connection before your brand is needed. Instagram is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Looking for social media help from an Indianapolis marketing firm?

It’s tough keeping up with social media these days. If you want an outsourced marketing team to help you with your social media marketing, talk to Iconic Digital. We can help you develop a social media strategy that will help sell for your business.

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