Marketing Automation: Automating Your Follow Up Process

Marketing Automation: Automating Your Follow Up Process

Marketing automation can make your follow up process seamless.Have you ever filled out a form only to receive an impersonal email a few days later with the incorrect information? It’s pretty annoying, right? You took the time to fill out a form. It doesn’t matter how short it was, they have your information, why can’t they get it right?

For many businesses, it all comes down to their follow up process and marketing automation.

The Typical Follow Up Process

  1. Here’s how the typical follow up process goes:
  2. Lead fills out a from
  3. Company might get an email notification
  4. Company logs into their CRM system
  5. Finds the lead’s information
  6. Company eventually sends an email or follows up with a phone call

Here’s the problem with the lack of marketing automation: nothing is set in stone and there are so many variables. Will the notification get sent? Will the company log into the CRM system? When will the email be sent or the phone call be made?

The Importance of the Follow Up Process

While you may not see a huge issue with the follow up process above, it can create a terrible user experience to anyone you’re trying to connect with or sell to.

When you’re trying to sell a product or service to prospective clients, you need to create a flawless experience for them. When you’re selling in person, you wouldn’t just ignore them while they are talking, would you? Your online follow up process should create the same kind of importance that your in person selling process should.

Automating Your Follow Up Process

By automating your follow up process, you can connect with leads at exactly the right time.

By using email marketing automation programs, you can schedule emails to be sent to leads when they fill out a form, visit a certain page, or opt-in to an email series. Plus, you can schedule an email campaign that delivers a series of emails when you need them to land in people’s inboxes.

By automating the follow up process, you eliminate many of the variables from the earlier example.

  1. Lead fills out a form
  2. Follow up email automatically goes out
  3. Company gets a notification
  4. Company logs into their CRM system
  5. Company decides next action

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Marketing Automation Doesn’t Need to Be Cold

Marketing automation isn’t the same thing as cold emailing. Email Automation isn’t impersonal like cold emailing. In fact, it can be extremely personal. With the help of a great marketing automation program, you can setup your automated emails to be as personal as you want them to be.

Doesn’t it make sense to use the information from the form that a lead filled out? Your email automation should use that information. You have their email address, sure. But, what about their name, their job title, their company, or their interests. The more information you collect on your forms, the more personal your email automation can be.

The automated email follow up process is about saving you time and creating a more seamless user experience. You can connect with leads on a more personal, more relevant level when you automate this process rather than rely on an employee to follow up with a lead.

Are you ready to start implementing an automated follow up process or email automation? The Indianapolis digital marketing team at Iconic is here to help you create a custom strategy to fill your sales pipeline and start connecting with leads on a new level.

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