Marketing Strategy 2017: What You Need and Why

Marketing Strategy 2017: What You Need and Why

Are you planning for 2017? Setting budgets and writing strategy documents? One of the most crucial budgets and strategies you can set for 2017 marketing-strategyis your marketing strategy. If you’re looking to grow your audience, increase sales, and drive awareness, then you need a marketing strategy.

As we start wrapping up 2016 and preparing for 2017, there are a lot of trends to look at. Some of them have been great…some of them have been not so great. But, trends aren’t the only thing that should drive your marketing strategy. You need solid marketing plans and tactics to drive your strategy.

Here are the things you need to think about in 2017:

Purpose Driven Marketing: Answering the Why

There’s a why behind your company, even if you don’t think there is. This “why” is actually behind everything you do and offer. Your value proposition should be answering the question of “why.” In 2017, you’ll need to figure out what your “why” is, how to answer it, and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Potential customers and leads want to connect with your brand. If you’re trying to sell them the “what” (your services or products), then you aren’t delivering the “why” (the benefits or the purpose).

Influencer Marketing for Relationship Building

Influencer marketing has been around for several years. It exists in commercials when celebrities endorse products. It exists on social media when an industry leader tweets about a new tool or business they work with. It exists when a company is mentioned on another company’s blog as a valuable resource.

In 2017, it will be crucial to connect with influencers in your market and industry in order to reach a wider target audience. How do you do that? Build authentic relationships with these influencers. Connect with them at networking events, on social media, through forums, and even on their websites.

Video Video Video (And Then More Video)

While some marketing trends come and go, video is all about the go. Video advertising has only gotten stronger and more positive when it comes to digital and online marketing. Videos are great for showing off services and products. They help clients connect with a company’s brand personality. They help organizations connect with potential clients and customers.

The best part? Video comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There isn’t a one size fits all. Funny. Informative. Serious. Animated. Long. Short. Make your videos what they need to be for your company (and for your why).

Mobile Is Still Climbing

How can we talk about marketing strategies without talking about mobile. 2016 saw a huge jump in mobile. We could talk about a whole bunch of trends, but here’s the big one: Pokemon Go. This was a breakout hit for mobile and will be paving the way for months (if not years) to come. While you probably don’t have the budget to make something as huge as the Pokemon Go app, you need to be thinking about how you can target your audience on mobile.

You don’t need an application you need a strategy. Where are your users going online when they are on their phones? Websites? Applications? Games? Understanding the answer to that question will help you develop a mobile strategy.

Importance of Story In Everything

Written content may not be the “be all to end all” it was a few years ago. It may have been dethroned as King, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. When you think about videos, social media posts, and any other form of marketing, content is still the backbone of your marketing strategy. You have to have a developed story in order to be effective in marketing.

In 2017, it’ll be important to keep developing your brand story in order to reach your audience. This story will come through in written content, social media posts, videos, advertisements, and everything else your marketing team whips up.

Marketing Automation For Seamless Results

Leads want a seamless sales process and that begins with marketing automation. If you have adopted an automation plan, then 2017 is the time to do it. There’s no reason to miss opportunities because you didn’t know someone filled out a form or because you forget to hit send on an email Thursday morning that was supposed to go to your entire sales lead list.

Marketing automation will simplify your marketing strategy and make it even more seamless to your leads, which will help lead to a higher ROI.

Renewed Customer or Buyer Personas

As you revamp your marketing efforts, it’s a great idea to revisit your buyer personas. If you don’t have a buyer persona written about your ideal customers, you need to do this. It will help you better connect with with your target market through copy, images, and strategy. If you do have a buyer persona revisit it. Has your market changed? Has your audience changed? Are you shifting focus? Has your buyer shifted focus?

Revisiting your buyer personas doesn’t mean you have start all over. It means you need to edit, revise, and move forward.

Organize Your Marketing Materials

How are your sales slicks performing? Business cards feeling outdated? Are your brochures in of a a little refreshing? Take a look at you marketing materials, whatever they are, and make sure you’re just as happy with them today as you were the day you had them created. Maybe your offer has changed. Maybe you’re focusing on different benefits. Maybe you’ve finally got benefits nailed down.

Making sure your marketing materials and collateral is awesome will help you feel charged going into the new year. You’ll want to pass out those sales slicks and won’t be able to resist handing every new contact your business card. Both of which will be great for your business.

If you’re ready to start implementing these ideas into your 2017 marketing strategy, then you need a digital marketing firm to partner with. You need Iconic Digital’s team of creative designers, writers, and marketers to drive your strategy.

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