The Questions You Need To Ask Before Writing A Marketing Strategy

The Questions You Need To Ask Before Writing A Marketing Strategy

When you sit down to write a marketing strategy, there’s a decent chance you may not know where to start. InUse these questions to develop your marketing strategy. fact, your head might start spinning around and around as you try to figure out exactly where to start. There’s so much to consider like what channels you should use, what messaging is going to work best, and how you are going to connect with your audience. As these thoughts start swirling around your head, it’s best to let them be.

Instead of focusing on all of the details, it helps to start by answering a few questions:

1. What’s your one thing?

We’ve talked about a purple cow a few times recently and you really need to get yourself one. Your purple cow is the thing that sets you apart from the competition. This is your product or service. Really, you should have a product or service so amazing that it markets itself. Your target audience should take one look at it and just know that they need it. There’s a good chance that your competition is already selling the same product or service. You need that one thing to set you apart. The one thing that makes you unique in the mind of your target audience. (Ideally, your unique brand would help you in this process. But, you’ll also need a great product, fantastic messaging, and a compelling story.)

2. Who is your audience?

Your one thing won’t mean anything without a target audience. You need to determine who you are talking to before you start creating content. Is your product geared towards stay at home moms? Are you trying to reach small business owners? Maybe you’re going after a smaller demographic like surfers who live in a small city in southern California. Your audience will ultimately determine the way you talk on social media, the ads you run on Youtube and Google, and will determine whether you attend events like trade shows or local business meetings.

3. Where is your audience?

After you figure out who your audience is, you’ll be able to determine where they are. If you’re targeting local business owners, you probably won’t find them on Instagram, but they are probably on Facebook. If you’re targeting stay at home moms, then you probably don’t need to attend local business meetings, but you might look into mommy conventions and trade shows. Your audience is out there. It’s your job to figure out exactly where they are.

4. How do you plan on getting your message out?

When you know where you audience is, you can start determining the best way to get your message out. Is it user stories? Is it humor? Fear? What’s the best way to get a reaction from your target audience? Getting your message out is all about tactics. Think about what you’ll post on specific marketing channels. Will you be a brand that retweets your customers? Will you be focused on original content or curated content? Getting your message out needs to be all about your target audience and what they best connect with.

5. How will you measure your strategy?

The final question of your marketing strategy is all about measuring the results and outcomes. If you don’t determine goals and key performance indicators before you implement the strategy, then you won’t know what success looks like. As you start determining the goals and KPIs, don’t be afraid to be a little ambitious. Theses goals should help keep you focused, determined, and fired up about your marketing strategy.

Developing a marketing strategy for the new year is the best way to reach your audience, grow your brand, and increase your sales. If you want to fill your sales pipeline, then you need a strategy designed to do just that.

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