Small Business Marketing Lessons From Superheroes

Small Business Marketing Lessons From Superheroes

Small Business Marketing Lessons From Superheroes - Captain America, Spiderman and HulkSmall business marketing lessons are everywhere… even in superhero movies. We recently posted some lessons that could be learned from superhero logos. We even did a little spot on Disney typography. What can we say? We’ve learned that things like superheroes and Disney make everything more fun.

What sort of small business marketing problems are businesses (AND superheroes) facing nowadays? Several, actually. Here are some pitfalls to avoid…

Captain America: The Small Guy Who Thinks There Is Only One Way

Captain AmericaSteve Rogers was just a little guy. No muscles, asthma, bad eyesight… not a fit for the U.S. army. He kept trying and trying under different aliases to get in and help save the country from the Nazis, but to no avail. What Steve never considered was that there might be another way: A scientific formula that would make him bigger, faster and stronger.

In your small business marketing efforts, have you considered taking another route? You can join the masses and try to out-spend your competitors, but that will take up a lot of money… and it doesn’t always give a return. Try a new formula. Think about optimizing your website for your target market. Find new ways to connect with them. Develop a value proposition that is different from anything else in the market. Thinking about small business marketing differently will help you leave the masses in the dust. Take the Steve Rogers route… forsake the traditional method for something much more unique!

Spider-Man: The Vanishing Superhero

SpidermanIn the movies and the comic books, Spider-Man took a hiatus. He got a little confused about his priorities and couldn’t manage to figure out what he wanted. Meanwhile, crime in New York City reached at an all-time high. The people needed him, but he wasn’t able to offer any help. By the time he put on the suit once more, people had lost their trust in him because he no longer felt like a hero that they could count on.

Where are your small business marketing efforts? When people are looking for answers, will they be calling your name? Sometimes small businesses fall off the grid because they are focusing on their work and aren’t making time for their marketing in the community. The problem is that marketing is never urgent until it’s too late. Do you want to lose your identity the way Spider-Man did? Be the hero that your customers count on.

The Hulk: Letting The Stress Get The Best Of You

HulkScientist Bruce Banner became the Hulk, a green monster that was the product of a science experiment gone wrong. The Hulk would appear whenever Bruce was provoked, so Bruce tried to keep his cool in order to avoid transforming in to the giant monstrosity. Though Bruce had good intentions, he had difficulties harnessing the power of his giant alter-ego.

Don’t let your business develop a Hulk. Business can be tough and stressful, and customers can be difficult. These are dangers you understood when you launched your business… but you can’t let these dangers get the best of you. Be sure that your customer service is as good as it possibly can be. Make certain your employees are representing your brand well. If you are able to keep your green monster at bay, you won’t have to worry about anything or anyone undermining your marketing efforts.

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