Social Media Marketing – Twitter 101 For Business

Social Media Marketing – Twitter 101 For Business

Social media marketing - twitter 101Adding Twitter to your social media marketing plan can be stressful because that little blue bird really needy. In order to use Twitter for your business (and use it well), you need to be ready to post, post, post. Don’t be intimidated though.

Twitter is a great place for businesses. It gives you a chance to hear what other people (customers!) are saying about your business. Create some buzz about upcoming changes for your business and get customers in the loop about your latest products and services.

Here are some good tips for Twitter plan:

Choose a killer Twitter username.

Twitter has posted a great step-by-step guide on how to sign up and create a profile, so we won’t regurgitate those steps. We will, however, focus on the face of your twitter account, which is your name. This will be the URL of your twitter profile as well as the name people use to mention you in tweets. Pick something that is short, memorable and doesn’t contain any numbers. Also, steer clear of underscores (_). Underscores on Twitter: NOT a thing. Remember, this is the name that you will be known by in the Twitter community, so make it a winner.

Don’t use Twitter like other social media marketing tools.

There is a strong temptation to copy Facebook posts over to Twitter and regurgitate Pinterest actions as tweets. Don’t. The rule of thumb: “Integrate, don’t regurgitate.” Also, if you are tweeting posts from other social media sites, you run the risk of looking uneducated. Get to know how Twitter works. Understand the terminology. Get good at retweeting, mentioning followers and businesses, etc. When you are on Twitter, act like it.


It’s pretty easy to do, but when you are customizing, keep your brand in mind. This may be the first time potential consumers come in contact with your brand, so represent yourself well. Be sure to change your profile picture (see our thoughts about logos as profile pictures here). Edit your background and change it to something clean and consistent with your branding.

Post, post, post.

Create a social media marketing plan that you can stick to. Set specific goals: “I will post tweets for my business eight times a day, seven days a week.” Be sure to include re-tweets  mentions and hash-tags to get desirable feedback. Find relevant businesses to follow, and they will probably follow you back (it’s good Twitter etiquette to follow followers). Only use planned/canned tweets as fillers. Twitter is a living, breathing social media site, to try to follow and leverage trending topics as often as you can.

Leverage Twitter for your social media marketing plan.

We hope this will get your social media marketing plan started in the right direction. Feel free to comment and share your ideas about how businesses can better leverage their Twitter accounts.

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