Strategic Marketing Videos

Strategic Marketing Videos

Strategic Marketing videosStrategic marketing videos are all about engaging your target market in a conversation… video is a great way to do that. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have the wrong idea about strategic marketing videos. Don’t approach them like commercials or documentaries. Think of them as the beginning of a conversation. At a networking event, would you go up to a potential customer and blast them with all the boring details of your daily operations? Nope.

Think about this in terms of your strategic marketing videos. What is going to start a conversation with your target market? What do they want from you? Chances are, they are looking for a basic overview. Something nice and short that might make them smile or give them a reason to connect with you. Be human. If customers wanted to see your corporate side, they will read through your website. They are watching a video because they want to put a face with the name.

Get Your Strategic Marketing Videos Right

Here are a few guidelines to follow as you produce your next video:

1. Don’t make your video too long. Consumers won’t bother to finish it unless it has high entertainment value.

2. Pretend like you are talking to a real person on the other side of the camera… because you are. Don’t bore them with the pesky details. Give them the overall message and show them what you have to offer that other businesses don’t. B2B, B2C… none of it matters because it’s all H2H. Human to human.

3. Make people smile. Goodness knows there is enough boring and sad stuff out there. Stand out of the crowd and share a giggle with your potential customer. It will make them feel more connected with you.

4. Make it move quickly. People have short attention spans, so feel free to cram a lot into that two-minute video. Fast-paced in today’s world is never a bad thing. If people miss a thing or two, they can always click the replay button.

5. Make the next step very clear. Your video is your hook. Now reel them in. Once they have seen your video and liked it, what should they do next?

Want to learn more?

If you haven’t thought about videos yet, now is a great time to start. They are a good way to engage potential customers and open up a conversation with them. If you need some help, feel free to drop us a line. Also, be sure to check out our free e-book on inbound marketing… it’s full of great information on how to give customers information that they WANT and NEED.

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