How To Use Facebook & Social Media Marketing For Business

How To Use Facebook & Social Media Marketing For Business

Small Business Marketing 13Facebook can be a tricky place for businesses, but if you are armed with a social media marketing plan, Facebook really is the place to be. More than 950 million users are on Facebook these days… your target market is probably there, whether you want to admit it or not.

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s best to have a plan… you can do it! We will get into specifics of writing out your social media marketing plan in another blog post (coming soon), but let’s get started with an overview of how to use Facebook for business:

Be interactive with your social media marketing.

Gone are the days of trumpeting your message from mountaintops. Now, it’s all about the conversation, especially on Facebook. Want to engage your target market? The Facebookers who have chosen to like your page are already interested in your business for one reason or another… take advantage! Start up a conversation with them. Ask them what they think! Start up a discussion.

Show your fans that you have personality.

If someone has liked your business page on Facebook, it is because they want to see the human side. Don’t forget that in its humble beginnings, Facebook was intended for college students who wanted to connect with one another. It has evolved a great deal, but one thing has not changed: Facebook is personal. When it comes to your business page, think personal. Show them the latest office hilarity. Let them in on inside jokes. Give them the inside scoop about what is coming up. Treat your followers like friends, and they won’t get tired of your messages. They will want to engage.

Your social media marketing: creative and unique.

Don’t take the same approach to social media marketing as the rest of the world. The trickiest part of Facebook strategy is­­ that what people want is constantly evolving. Keep a pulse on what is happening on your personal page. Are people sharing a lot of one particular type of content? Think of how you could leverage that for your business. Stay tuned in to what your competitors are doing, too. This will help you keep your messages unique.

Be complete to prove credibility.

Even though we have already explained that Facebook is personal, it also needs to represent you as a business. Make sure your profile is filled out to completion. Make sure you have updated all of your photos and links. Keep a pulse on your feedback. What sort of posts are your users liking? Which posts increased your interactions with potential consumers? Even though Facebook is a place for personality, be sure that you are presenting yourself credibly.

Don’t oversell… or undersell.

You already know that fans don’t want to be bombarded with buy-now messages. Don’t even bother writing those into your social media marketing plan for Facebook. However, don’t forget that followers have liked your page for a reason. Some of them are customers. Some of them have an interest, but maybe haven’t committed yet. Whichever the case, your followers have already revealed that they like your product or service. Find a way to capitalize on that! Try posting message that show your latest product in development. Maybe reveal a release date for some particular product. You get the idea.

Want to learn more about social media marketing?

So many businesses are taking the time to get educated about social media marketing. Ready to join the fun? Check out our e-book on how to get seen on social media. Also, feel free to drop us a line or comment with any questions! We’d love to hear your thoughts about growing your business on Facebook and social media marketing.

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