Ways Iconic Digital Balances Stressful Work Weeks

Ways Iconic Digital Balances Stressful Work Weeks

how iconic digital handles stress
How does Iconic Digital balance a stressful work week? Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle. It takes dedication, dedication, and you guessed it… more dedication. The amount of time and money spent on developing your brand can and will be overwhelming at times. The moment you give up on your business, your business will give up on you. Once you fall into a downward spiral of stress, it can be hard to get out. There is a way, however, to jump over this spiral altogether. The technique is called balance. Sounds simple right? Wrong. Balance takes a lot of thought and work. Take the following steps to balance a stressful work week.


At Iconic Digital, prioritizing is always top on our list. It is vital to know what tasks have the most importance to your business. This may mean putting some projects on the back burner or having to stop in the middle of a project to start another. People handle prioritizing differently. One strategy is to categorize tasks and choose the most important task in each category.

Set Daily Goals

Take your prioritized tasks and create daily goals. Keep in mind, these daily goals need to be realistic or else you will be setting yourself up for failure from the beginning.


Communicate with everyone. Talk with your family, employees, clients, friends… everyone! One of the traits of being an entrepreneur is being able to network with others. Don’t expose your business’s financial situation or employee hardships, but do talk about your business’s struggles and failures. See if these conversations turn into solutions.

Outsource Marketing to Iconic Digital

Know what you’re good at and get rid of the rest. Try not to spend time working on a project that can be completed in a more time- and cost-effective way. Hire someone to complete these tasks for you. This will save you time and money in the long run. If the term “outsourcing” sounds a bit scary, use “delegating responsibilities” instead. Shameless Iconic Plug: Hire a marketing company like Iconic Digital that knows what they are doing. A marketing company can take some issues off your hands. These tasks could include web design, branding, social media… you name it!

Leave Time

Believe it or not, there will still be a long list of assignments that pop up that you may be unprepared to handle. Set aside a period of time to take care of any unexpected tasks that may occur in a day.

Now that you understand how to balance a stressful work week, it is time to take action! One way to lighten your workload is to outsource your marketing tasks to a department that can give you the support you need. Our job is to make your job less stressful and make you look good at the same time. Give Iconic Digital a call.

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