Why Website Optimization Matters

Why Website Optimization Matters

When you hear website optimization, what comes to mind? Your website visitors? The devices they use? Website optimization can increase traffic to your site.What about the content you have on your site? It’s actually all of the above. It’s not that website optimization is a broad term. It’s that website optimization encompasses so much. Everything from the loading time of your site to the images to the content on the page goes into website optimization.

Optimizing content for search traffic will increase site visitors.

This one’s probably obvious at this point. You’ve heard of SEO – search engine optimization. The content on your site needs to include keywords and keyword phrases that people use when searching for you. So, if you’re a car mechanic you’d want people to find your website by searching terms like mechanic, auto mechanic, car repair, and so on. By optimizing the content on your website, you can increase site traffic and, if your content is setup correctly, collect leads.

Optimizing images for search engine crawling increases rankings.

You know your site needs images in order to be effective, but did you know there are behind the scenes things that have to happen to make those images effective? Images aren’t just sitting on your site. They are part of the backend, which means there are associated libraries, titles, and alt text. In order to be fully effective, your website images need to have a title and alt text including keywords. Ideally, the keywords you include in the title and the alt text of the image would be the keyword you’re trying to get the page the images are on to rank for.

Optimizing the layout makes your website accessible on all devices.

It may be a little strange to consider, but there’s a good chance the majority of your site visitors are using their mobile phones to access your site. That means, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile or responsive to different screen sizes, then users won’t be able to find information and will eventually leave. By optimizing for mobile, you create a better user experience. A bonus from doing this website optimization is that Google and other search engines favor sites that are mobile responsive.

Tackling your website optimization on your own?

Trying to figure out all of the different ways you need to optimize your site can be difficult. You have other important business activities to focus on. If you’re an entrepreneur or working at a startup, you probably wear a lot of different hats every single day. Website optimization probably isn’t in your wheelhouse, which is perfectly okay. That’s why Iconic Digital is here.

Our team of Indianapolis digital marketing experts are ready to help you transform your website into an optimized machine driving traffic and helping you secure leads. Sound like something you could use? Let’s talk!

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