What’s Missing From Your Marketing Strategy? The Why.

What’s Missing From Your Marketing Strategy? The Why.

The 'why' is crucial to your marketing strategy.Have you ever just hit the stop button on your marketing machine to see how it was doing? Taken the time to tinker with your marketing strategy and tactics? If you have, there’s probably a good chance that you felt something was missing. Often, marketing takes a back seat. It’s less important than closing deals, developing products, managing employees, and taking care of paperwork. Here’s the issue with that though: your marketing strategy ends up missing something important.

Your marketing strategy isn’t something you can just pick up every once and awhile and assume you’re good to go. It has to be nurtured. It has to be developed. Tested. Evaluated. Implemented. And then the whole process has to be repeated. But, the most important thing about your marketing strategy is the why.

You can’t simply develop a plan out of thin air. And you can’t just develop a marketing plan based on WHAT you provide clients or HOW you provide clients with solutions. You need to understand the WHY and use that in your marketing strategy.

Why The Why?

When you started your business, you probably knew WHAT you were going to provide: products or services. In fact, you probably knew exactly what services or products you wanted to provide. But, that’s not the basis of a marketing strategy. That’s just what you do. Your customers won’t connect with that enough to make a purchasing decision.

After a while, you probably developed the HOW of what you were going to do. You figured out how to sell your products or services to customers. But, selling isn’t marketing. Selling is selling. And that’s not always a long-term strategy.

This is where the WHY comes into play. WHY did you start doing WHAT you do? WHY did you start doing it HOW you’re doing it? Answering these questions will help you start on your brand story. With your brand story started, you’ll be able to develop a much more effective and cohesive marketing strategy.

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