Which Colors For Logo Design?

Which Colors For Logo Design?

Which colors for logo designWe got a lot of questions about colors for logo design. The truth is, there are no real hard and fast rules when it comes to color. However, it’s undeniable that color theory is a little bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. For decades, businesses have been applying the same color theory to their logo design. They thought it all must be true… and so it became that way.

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RED – Represents alertness, danger, excitement, passion, etc. Fun fact about red: studies have shown that red can make people feel hungry. Red is often credited as being the star of advertising colors since it tends to stand out of the crowd.

ORANGE – Represents fire, heat, energy, friendliness, etc. Orange is a great color for logo design but make sure you don’t use it in a way that puts customers on alert. Make it feel energetic… not scary.

YELLOW – Represents happiness, hopefulness, cheerfulness, etc. Just beware when you are using yellow. Pair it with a darker color, because yellow on its own is not very visible at a distance.

GREEN – Represents money, eco-friendliness, cleanliness, renewal, etc. Green is said to be one of the most visually soothing colors.

BLUE –  Represents trustworthiness, calmness, freshness, etc. This is one of the most frequently used colors in logo design, but it is hard to get tired of blue. It’s the little black dress of the color wheel. Stay away from blue for food. Studies have shown that people experience decreased appetites when they associate their food with the color blue since blue food doesn’t occur in nature.

PURPLE – Represents wealth, luxuriousness, happiness, abundance, etc. Purple is said to be very effective in advertising for women’s products such as clothing, jewelry and accessories.

BROWN – Represents simplicity, earthiness, plainness, etc. Brown has also become associated with green and fair trade efforts over the years. Watch out though… some studies have shown that brown can communicate that a product is low-quality because people tend to associate brown with cheapness.

BLACK – Represents power, elegance, formality, darkness, etc. It’s a color that you can’t get wrong and a color that will never go out of style. Watch out for too much black though. It can seem a little overbearing and heavy if used too liberally.

GREY – Represents sterility, cleanliness, sophistication, technology, etc. Grey is a tricky color to use, especially since each variation says something different. Make

TAN – (and similar neutral colors) simplicity, health, comfort, etc. Using neutral colors can be tricky because you don’t want your logo to come off as dull. Try pairing it with a bright color for a unique look.

WHITE –  Represents lightness, cleanliness, innocence, freshness, etc. White is good for a fresh, clean feel in your design work, and it’s a must for reverse logos.

Picking the right colors for logo design can make or break your look. Make sure that however it comes together, you are creating something with strong contrast. Don’t forget our colorblind friends… or even just people who maybe haven’t updated their lenses in a while. Whatever you put together, print it out and tape it to the wall. Then stand back. WAY back. Can you still understand the visual you have created?

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