5 Inbound Marketing Books You Need to Read

5 Inbound Marketing Books You Need to Read

Inbound marketing books can help you generate leads and grow your business.

You’ve been told by several colleagues and industry professionals that your business needs inbound marketing, but you aren’t sure what it is or how to start using it as a strategy.
Like with all types of marketing, inbound marketing can be tricky to get started, but if you put the right strategy in place it works like a charm.

So what is inbound marketing, anyways?

Inbound marketing is all about creating quality content that attracts ideal customers or clients to your website.

Doesn’t sound too complicated right?

Except, there are several moving pieces and they all have to align just right to work effectively.

What all is included in inbound marketing?

Because the goal is to move your website traffic through your sales funnel, the first step is always leading customers to the water (or in this case your website). This is accomplished a few different ways:

But, inbound marketing isn’t about bringing just anyone to your site. It’s about bringing the right people to your site. Your content needs to be specific, segmented, and insightful in order to convert web traffic.

Where do you get started?

Thankfully, there are a lot of great books out there that provide key insights and helpful information about inbound marketing that will help you get started.

Here are 5 books that we think are really great:

1. Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online

Because consumers are turning to online research to find the companies and products that meet their needs, tactics like cold calling, email blasts, and direct mail don’t have the same effect they once did. In Inbound Marketing  Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah walk you through how to turn strangers into web visitors, web visitors into leads, and leads into customers.

2. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

Not sure you can write well enough for this strategy to work for you? In her book, Ann Handley argues that everyone is a writer. Because business owners have websites and use platforms like social media to reach their target audience, they are all marketers. It’s writing that can take you to the next level and Handley walks you through how to create a content strategy that works.

3. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype

Jay Baer’s Youtility book is all about creating a marketing strategy based on creating useful content. This is one of the earlier books in the inbound marketing revolution, and, for many businesses, was the cornerstone of their success. While the book is a few years old now, it still proves itself as a solid starting point in creating content that turns leads into lifetime customers.

4. Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.

Mitch Joel’s book  is about how everyone is connected in today’s technology focused world and how businesses can use that to their advantage. Six Pixels of Separation will walk you through how to use the latest digital marketing tactics to your advantage and increase revenue, awareness, and success.  

5. Inbound Marketing Strategies: 20 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Traffic Today

Written by Warren Mori, this book is all about promoting your website. You’ll learn more about how to convert your leads into customers. Mori understands that one of the biggest hurdles businesses face online is getting the right traffic to their site and then converting web traffic into leads. He’ll walk you through how to accomplish both of those things.

What about after I read the books?

Whether you read the books or not, now is the time to start implementing inbound marketing. You’ll see an increase in leads and better relationships with customers and potential customers.
If you’re ready to develop an inbound marketing strategy, Iconic is here to help you bring in leads, close deals, and make your brand even more iconic than it already is.

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