Indianapolis Logo Design For An Amazing Event in Fishers

Indianapolis Logo Design For An Amazing Event in Fishers

Indianapolis Logo Design 6Iconic put together the logo design for Fail Fest, so our focus was on Indianapolis logo design… but as soon as we walked in the doors of Fail Fest, we realized there was a much bigger picture.

Fail Fest 2014 was a blast. So many conferences make attendees feel guilty after they leave. You think to yourself,  “Wow, that millionaire says the key to success is making your bed in the morning? Why can’t I even find the time to do THAT?!” Or, “My my age, that guy was lighting cigars with $100 bills. My business is never going to get to be that size.”

Not at Fail Fest. 

At Fail Fest, we heard it all. Highly successful business owners talked about going broke, dealing with debt, juggling work and family life, getting divorced, and falling flat on their faces. It made us realize that there is more to Indianapolis logo design than just strategy… this conference was about heart.

We wanted to share our logo design and collateral for Fail Fest with you. If you attended the conference, you are probably still basking in the afterglow of the amazing energy. We still can’t get over the awesome positive vibes… so here was our small contribution to such a significant event.

Indianapolis Logo Design Services For Fail Fest

Indianapolis Logo Design 5 Indianapolis Logo Design 2 Indianapolis Logo Design 4 Indianapolis Logo Design 3 Indianapolis Logo Design 1

Indianapolis logo design has become more than just strategy.

Put heart into your Indianapolis logo design. If getting the right look helps you channel a positive vibe, it’s worth the money. We were so excited to provide some Indianapolis logo design services to the team at Launch for Fail Fest. We hope that other entrepreneurs will think of us for future branding projects. If you are interested in sitting down to talk, we would love to get a consultation in the books.

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