Recent Branding Projects with Iconic Digital Agency

Recent Branding Projects with Iconic Digital Agency

We love branding!branding

Whether it’s helping a company to refresh their current branding  or completely coming up with something new we find it exhilarating! While that might sound kind of crazy, we know your brand  really important to you, to your customers and it’s important to your business.

We have been busy working on some really cool projects and wanted to share our excitement with you!

Iconic Brews


Our most recent branding project was created to engage with the amazing breweries we have located in the Indianapolis area. We’ve created a campaign called Iconic Brews where a brewery can win a free label design for their company! We’ve chosen to brand this campaign with the eight-legged war horse on the label is Sleipnir, the horse belonging to the Norse god, Odin. Sleipnir was known for being swift as the wind and completely unstoppable. Find out more about this campaign by visiting our Iconic Brews page.

Hamilton East Public Library


We had the opportunity to work with Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) on their most recent rebrand as well as the redesign of their website. We wanted something for both pieces that really communicated freshness, energy, and creativity. The foundation of the logos is a book, and the shapes fanning out represent the two different library branches, as well as the online branch. We also selected a clean, fresh typeface and came up with the tagline, “Ideas Live Here” Ultimately, we also helped reorganize the entire site so that it would be more user-friendly for visitors. In addition to developing the logo design, we also developed everything from business cards to stand up banners to library signage. Read more about the rebranding process with Hamilton East Public Library.

Fail Fest


We created this Fail Fest Logo for the Launch team when they decided to hold a business conference celebrating failure. We were inspired by the Douglas Adams quote, “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” We drew the parallel between entrepreneurship and flying machines… and the rest was history.

We’ve created several logos for the many endeavors of the Launch Fishers Team. But branding goes further than just creating a logo. We’ve been able to create several brand conceptions and collateral  that have a consistent feel that Launch Fishers was looking.

If you are looking for brand creation ninjas to help you rebrand your awesome business we would be happy to talk with you. Contact us for a free consultation.


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