The Law of Infinite Success

The Law of Infinite Success

01270Imagine sitting at Thanksgiving dinner and you are famished! All you can think about it is your mother’s special pumpkin pie at the end of the meal. After all, it’s been a year since you’ve been able to fill your tummy with her famous warm pumpkin pie with a dollop of ice-cream on top.

It’s the end of the meal. You even remembered to save some room for dessert this year.  She places two pies on the table almost in slow motion as your mouth begins to salivate in anticipation.
You do some quick math.

Each pie has been sliced into 6 pieces but there are 13 people at dinner because you had an unexpected visit from the neighbor at the EXACT time your mom put the pies on the table.

Your mom, being the super sweet woman she is, offers the neighbor the first piece of pie.

That means there is going to be one less piece, which means if you don’t move fast, you are going to have the saddest, pie-less Thanksgiving dinner ever.

The Business Pie Theory

Many people approach business in the same way. They feel like there is a limited amount of “success pie” and if they are going to get a piece of it, that means someone else will go home without pie.

They worry about the possibility that they are creating something that is not different enough from their competitors . They worry that there is no way for them to stand out in a sea of similar businesses. They worry that there aren’t enough customers to go around.

For example if you have a furniture store you might feel worried about a new furniture store opening on your block. You might feel that they will take away customers from you and you will lose business.

Instead you can change your perspective and get creative. Remember that there is nothing new under the sun. At some time everything has been done and it will be done again. The thing that makes it different is the WAY in which you do business, they way you sell, the unique brand that only you can have.

Also remember  when there are more people in your industry that means that there are more teachers that can spread the message that your industry exists which ultimately brings more eyes to what you are doing.

Run Your Best Race

Let’s look at some of the top Olympic athletes who run track. There are several people running in a race but how does the person in the lead run? Where do they look? Where is their attention?


They aren’t busy looking around at their competitors because they are busy running their personal best. They are using the performances of everyone else to fuel everything they have already worked on up until this point. All of their training, their talent, their visualization techniques are being combined together in order to help them to run THEIR best race.

And if you’ve done all the right things up until race day you are all set for a personal best that could break a world record.

Olympic gymnasts who stand out among other elite level gymnasts take more risks, they innovate moves, and keep their eyes on the prize.

THEIR prize.

Stop getting bogged down by your “competitors”  and remember that success is infinite with the right perspective. There really is no limit to what you can accomplish when you change your mindset.

How do you change this mindset from one of scarcity to infinite success?

Move Differently

You become iconic by thinking and moving differently from all of the other people and businesses who are afraid of losing pie. They are only focused on taking pie away from the “guests” that unexpectedly walk in and pose a threat to your piece.

Most people would look at their competitors and try to just do what’s already been done. Only better.

What if you went back to the point of origin and innovated a new solutions?

What if you stopped reacting to industry moves and made moves that made the industry react to you?

Here’s a piece of advice for you:

Forget their pie. Go make your own awesome creation.  And when it comes out fully cooked and smelling like your own unique brand, you won’t be afraid to share it with others.

If you want help creating your iconic recipe contact us for a free consultation.

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