Why Do You Need A Graphic Designer?

Why Do You Need A Graphic Designer?

Why do you need a graphic designer?

Why do you need a graphic designer?It’s close to Christmas, so we are going to go for a Christmas analogy here, sound good? You got the perfect gift for your mother: A cat sweater with little bells stitched onto it. She is going to love it almost as much as she loves all eight of her cats. Which of the following do you do when it comes time to give her your awesome gift on Christmas eve…? 

A. I crumple up the sweater into a ball and toss it in her lap. Hey, I shopped it for her, isn’t that enough effort?

B. I give it to her folded up in the plastic bag that it came in. You can’t see the sweater, so it’s kind of like unwrapping a gift, right?

C. I have the employee at Cat Wonderland wrap the sweater in kitty cat paper with a kitty cat tag and a bow that meows when you press the button in the center.

Which route would your cat-loving mother appreciate the most? The answer is pretty obvious. (It’s C, people, it’s C.)

If you had gone with A, it’s possible that your mother’s feelings would be hurt… it seems like you didn’t put any thought into your gift. B is still a problem. It says, “Hey, I thought about this, but I didn’t make the time to present it properly.”

If you go with C, your mother will be talking for months about the beautiful sweater she got in the most amazing box in the world. She probably snapped a picture of the beautifully-wrapped box and saved it on her phone. She will save the bow and keep it in her purse so that she can show it to her cat friends whenever they ask her about her cat sweater.  Not only does your mother love the gift, but she adores the thought that you put into it.

Great, so what does any of this cat business have to do with your original question, “Why do you need a graphic designer?”


The sweater is your product or service. The gift wrap is your graphic design.

Businesses that would have selected A in this little quiz  are performing their product or service, but to customers, it can seem a bit like they don’t care how their business is perceived. Bad presentation. This can come off as a customer service problem. Potential customers may think you that you don’t put thought into your work.

The B businesses have the basics, but they haven’t put a whole lot of thought into their presentation, either. To customers, it may come off as a lack of attention to details. Overall, a poor presentation can seem very unprofessional. Remember, your competitors are taking the time to put their graphic designers on the job. If you aren’t doing it, you are getting left in the dust.

The business owners that would have chosen C are the businesses that understand how important it is to have a good presentation. Just like your mom and her magical cat Christmas present,  your presentation will have them singing your praises for months.  By having strong graphic design and presentation, you will have customers that become brand advocates.

So why do YOU need a graphic designer? How can Iconic Digital help?

Whether you need web video animation, packaging design or website design, Iconic Digital can help. Let’s have a consultation so that we can ask you why you need a graphic designer. We are ready to chat whenever you are.

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