4 Tips to Keep Your Web Design Project On Track

4 Tips to Keep Your Web Design Project On Track

You want a new website that looks great and works wonderfully. But, you’re a little skeptical of the web design process. You’ve heard horror stories about Web design projects run much more smoothly when everyone involved follows these tips.projects dragging on, unfinished sites, and hidden charges. You know you need a new website, but you don’t want to deal with one or any of those issues.

So, what do you do?

Using the tips below, you can help make the web design process smooth and on track:

Tip 1: Establish a relationship in order to get the best results.

In order to get the best web design out of your design team, you need to treat the process like a relationship, not a business transaction.

While it may technically be a business transaction (you are paying for a service, after all), the project will stay on track better and will more likely exceed your expectations if you treat it like a relationship.

When both you and the design team are approaching the project this way, you’ll find working together much easier. During your first conversations, get to know each other. If you allow the design team to get to know your business and your goals, they’ll produce better work. And, if you get to know the design team, you’ll be able to give them the information they’re looking for to help build out a web design strategy for you.

Tip 2: Talk about timelines to keep the project goals realistic.

No one likes to talk about due dates and timelines, but during a web design project, timelines are the glue holding everything together. Without timelines, the project may go on and on and on.

Timelines, though, aren’t just for your design team. They’re for you as well.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Inevitably, you’ll be providing information that impacts the website design. From content to web addresses for links, your design team will be looking at you for information and direction from time to time.

Establishing timelines early on in the web design process will help you and the design team know when things are due and what the expectations are from the get go.

Tip 3: Check in on the project to make sure things are still going according to plan.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from the design team, feel free to check in on the project.

The bigger issue here is taking this tip to the extreme. If you’re checking in every day or every hour, then you’re going too far and most likely stressing out the designers working on your web design.

If you don’t ever check in, then you might be sending a message that you just don’t care about the project.

Find a happy medium. Check in to see if you can provide any information. Ask if there is anything you can review. Find out if anything is missing. And finally, don’t be afraid to ask about the progress being made.

Again, you don’t want to ask about the progress of your web design project every day, but asking about it every once in awhile will show you really do care and that you are invested in the project.

Tip 4: Keep an open mind during the process, so the designer has freedom to create.

Your business is important to you. You’ve spent a lot of time and money building it from the ground up. Your design team knows that. They aren’t trying to bring your business crumbling down.

In fact, they’re trying to do the opposite.

Often times, the thing that really holds up the web design process is the client and design team not being open about each other’s ideas.

You have ideas. The designers have ideas. When you follow the other three tips, the fourth tip naturally falls into place. Allowing yourself and your design team to both bring ideas to the table will result in the best design for your business.

It’s crucial to the overall success of your business to keep an open mind. If you don’t like what the design team comes up with, don’t just flail your arms in the air and run away. Explain what you don’t like and why. Then, allow them the opportunity to adjust their designs.

Web design is a process.

Here’s the deal, web design isn’t done in a single day. It’s a process that takes time. Working with designers doesn’t need to be complicated. When you and the designers come together, you can create a site that not only looks great, but helps you grow and scale your business.
If you’re ready to work with a design team that keeps your needs at the forefront of every project while delivering a website that looks beautiful and drives traffic, then contact the Iconic Digital team today.

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