5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be on Commission

5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be on Commission

Small Business Marketing 8If an applicant for a sales position walked into your office tomorrow with their resume and told you that they never call in sick, they don’t take vacation, they don’t want breaks, they’d work 24 hours a day at the same level of effort around the clock, they could outsell your entire sales staff, conduct the same precise sales call repeatedly, never will complain about leads, operations, prices, or the economy, and they desired half of minimum wage, no benefits, and no payroll tax expense…would you hire that applicant?

It’s a no-brainer, right?  Here’s the cool thing: that applicant is probably already on staff!  You probably simply have not employed them properly.  His or her name:  “Website”.  Your website is your always on-call, superstar sales rep that will do not only her job, but will increase sales for the rest of your team!  That’s how yours works, right?
At Iconic (a pretty great strategic marketing firm in Indianapolis), our background is sales.  We believe that everyone and everything in the company is used to ultimately drive sales, including your website.  However, simply having a website will not drive sales.  Specific tactics, strategies, and components must be employed together to help your potential sales superstar break sales records.  Iconic offers free evaluations to determine effectiveness.
Here are five capabilities that Iconic Digital Agency believes your website (regardless of your company size) MUST have:
  • A strong brand presence and an appearance that grabs your target market’s attention.  Even if you work out of your basement, the beauty of the web is that you don’t need to build a modern high rise office building to instill a sense of luxury.  Think of your website as a chance to put forth the perfect image that represents your brand.  A sense of luxury, an extravagant sales bonanza, a hometown escape, an intellectual portal… whatever.  Does your website make the kind of impression that you can be proud of?
  • The ability to effectively usher people in your door.  Sometimes, your sales rep has to stand on the corner of Google and Bing Streets with a great big sandwich board and invite people in.  What are you doing to make sure buyers are aware of you?  Is it time to look at SEO, blogging, or other Inbound Marketing tactics?
  • The ability to sell your product effectively 24 hours a day or at least generate enough interest about your offering that a prospect seeks to schedule a meeting with your firm – directly from your site.  Consumers, businesses look to the web first for info.  Your superstar salesperson better have that “elevator pitch” down to a science.  Additionally, it has to have the ability to induce potential clients to provide their information and enter your sales funnel.  This is critical.
  • Like any good sales rep, it has to provide a great presentation and trial close repeatedly.  Are there noticeable, distinct calls to action?  Is the content on the site informative and helpful?  Does it leave you wanting to know more about your offering?  Does it give your prospect the opportunity to expend this pent up wanting for your message?  A-B-C – Always Be Closing
  • Finally, your site should have the ability to foster and nurture relationships.  It should be a concierge for your prospect from the second they come in contact with your brand to the time they become a client and ultimately a referring, unpaid brand advocate.  This is perhaps the most difficult piece to integrate.  However, it is also the most magical.  The site should “make friends” through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It should hold conversations.  Imagine a site that finds prospects, starts with a soft sell (maybe a free informational newsletter), continues to communicate with scheduled marketing e-mails, adapts messages based on preferences, alerts you when a contact revisits your site, continues to extract information to create a complete profile, integrates with CRM, primes your prospects to become clients, and requires no effort from you.  That’s the reality of what a website can do today.  Iconic uses advanced software for our clients that nurtures relationships, supplies information, and keeps you informed as the prospect moves through the funnel.
Great sales reps prospect, present, and close deals.  Great websites prospect, present, and close deals.  The only difference is that the website will pass on the award trip to Maui when it breaks all of your sales records!
Want to get your website the sales training it needs?  Contact Iconic Digital Agency for a review!
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