Current UI Trends for Website Design

Current UI Trends for Website Design

In our most recent post, we talked about current trends in UX design. Continuing that conversation, we feel it’s important toUI trends help create better interaction between users and your site. also talk about UI trends in web design. While the user experience of a website could be flawless, there could still be a huge piece of the user interface missing. However, more times than not these two design elements, User Experience and User Interface, are interwoven with each other. You’ll quickly notice that some of the design features and elements on our trends lists are closely related. When designing for the user, you have to think about their experience and how they will inevitably interact with your website.These UI trends are designed to keep your site focused on the user and their experience.

Split screen design is being used to promote two messages that complement each other.

Depending on your brand’s message or audience, you may need to get two different ideas out there. A new way to do this, without hurting the user experience is by leveraging two spaces to either communicate one message or two complementary messages.

Since users are becoming more familiar mobile elements they are being used on all platforms.

The familiarity of mobile design is causing elements like hamburger menus and icons to replace more traditional design elements in desktop web design. One of the best ways to improve the user experience is to provide familiarity in the interactions of users and your site. Mobile elements can accomplish the same tasks and features as traditional web elements while providing a seamless experience between mobile and desktop. 

Slim content allows users to quickly gain the information they need without being bogged down.

Giant headlines are replacing blocks of text in the name of communicating things quickly and efficiently. Instead of using paragraphs to explain your message, a quick headline communicates the same ideas and bullet points can be used to add details. Photos aren’t eyewash, but rather act as a means of specific communication about the message. Be on the lookout for oversized text as it adds a huge graphic impact while still being effective. 

UI trends are throwing out the fluff and focusing on the most important elements.

Wearable technology like the Apple Watch has forced design to be effective in small spaces, which means users are becoming more accustomed to a minimalist, no-frills, typographical approach to web design. Rather than rely on huge graphics, custom elements, and blocks of texts, websites need to focus on creating less noise and getting their message across.

Textile design weaves together a variety of design backgrounds.

The name says it all.  Textile design mixes design elements that previously were considered as clashing elements. Users will start seeing flat illustrations paired with photos that have depth and impact.  

Hidden menus allow users to focus on what matters to them and their site visit.

Instead of bombarding users with options they aren’t necessarily looking for, put the menu in an easily accessible place but don’t distract users with a crowded row of words across the top of the screen. Hidden menus are also a great way to streamline the experience between mobile users and desktop users.

Keeping all of these UI trends straight can become overwhelming. You just want to focus on your business. Let the design geeks and marketing strategists at Iconic Digital handle the technical stuff. We’ll work with you to build an online, digital strategy that will help you dominate the market.

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