Free Stock Photo Resources

Free Stock Photo Resources

Free Stock Photo Resources OnlineFree stock photo resources are always tricky. They are out there, but remember that it’s a trade-off. If you are looking for free stock photo resources, remember that you will be doing more digging. You may not always find the resolution you want. You may have to take a few photos and create a photo illustration.

That said, free stock photo resources are awesome for small businesses who want some great visuals but don’t have deep pockets. Here are some of our favorites.


Not enough people actually think to use Wikimedia as a stock photo resource. (And by the way, even though we are talking about free stock photo resources, Wikimedia also has sound and video clips). Wikimedia is basically a collection of public domain and freely-licensed educational media content. This is a great place to find specific photos. Looking for a shot of Indianapolis? This is a great spot to find that shot. Maybe you need to put a photo of Mozart in one of your promotional pieces… this free stock photo resource can be your go-to. is truly awesome, and it’s growing fast. It’s a site of completely free images for your use once you have created a username and password. For a few of the stock photos, you will have to fill out a request form that will be sent to the author, but most of them are freely available to you. You will definitely have to do a little bit of digging. Some of the photos are of poor composition or are not great quality… but you will find thousands and thousands of really strong, high-resolution images using this free stock photo resource. Tip: Sometimes, the photos are categorized in strange ways. If you want a picture of a happy family, try searching for “family”, “happy family”, “mother and child”, etc. Be sure to look at the licensing information to give credit where needed.

This is a great free stock photo resource. At you will be able to find high-resolution free stock photo images after creating a username and login. Count on a lot of isolated objects, which can be handy. You will have to type in a code for each photo you download, which can be a little annoying, but again… it’s a totally free stock photo resource, so who’s complaining?

Final Thoughts on Free Stock Photo Resources

If you are thinking about stock photos for your next project, these sites are definitely worth your consideration. Between the three of them, you will probably find something that suits your needs. Get a designer involved who can tweak those photos, and you will never need to pay for a stock photo again.

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