Looks Matter: How A Website Impacts Price Point

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Looks Matter: How A Website Impacts Price Point

When you wake up in the morning and get ready for work, of course, you want to look your best. We all care about the way we present ourselves to the world, and taking basic care can even change the way we feel about ourselves. Our presentation to the world impacts a lot, first impressions, people’s perception, and how we feel about ourselves. Your website is your brand’s outward appearance to the world. What is it saying about you?

Like shoulder pads and crimped hair, things go out of style and in the digital age, those trends change even faster. What was once new and fresh can easily look stale and outdated in just a year or even a few short months. Now think about what a potential client would think if they saw your website with a look straight out of the ’90s. It doesn’t foster a lot of trust for your brand. In many industries across almost all sectors, innovation and new approaches are appealing for a lot of people. Your website should look new and clean and present you as a leader in your space, regardless of what industry you’re a part of. There are no second chances on a first impression and if you don’t make a good one, that potential client is gone for good. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways your website can make a good impression and how that can directly impact your bottom line.

Website Ease of Use

An old website is a difficult website. As time goes on, you’ve probably added a few pages here and there or threw in some new content to answer those frequently asked questions seemingly all potential customers were asking. There’s nothing wrong with adding relevant information and including more content to help audiences answer questions without having to pick up the phone. What is a problem is how the flow of information often breaks down when things are added on the fly. Without a solid strategy in place and without really understanding your audience, you’re putting content in places your audience would never think to look for it, (unless you have a one-page website, in which case we have other issues to address). This clogs up the path to information and sends your audience clicking to a competitor instead of spending time reading the information on your website. Like a freshly pressed suit, your website should be sleek, organized and pleasing to the eye.

Finding Your Brand Style

Speaking of a freshly ironed, tailored suit, your website sets the tone for what kind of company you are. Are you polished and professional? Casual, laid back and friendly? The most practical and inexpensive product on the market? You have to know your niche and you have to know how to present your niche to catch the attention of your desired customer segment. According to a study done by Adobe, 38% of people will leave a website if they find the layout unattractive. That’s a huge segment of your potential audience navigating away just because they don’t like the way your website looks. Your website sets the pace for how your brand is perceived and when people see your website looks polished and high-quality, they are more likely to think your product or service is polished and high-quality, and worth a little more than competitors who don’t look as put together. Just for fun, take a quick second and head to your own website. Try to look at it with fresh eyes. What do you see? If it wasn’t your own brand on the screen, How would you really feel about it?

Snap Decisions and Unconscious Opinions

A lot more goes into the psychology and perception of a brand than most people, even the consumers making snap judgments, even realize. These subtle, unconscious opinions we all form dictate our perception of a fair price, the quality or the product, and how likely you and your team are of helping them fill a need.

Now, ask yourself honestly, when was the last time you gave your website a new look? How does it present your brand to the world? If you’re in shoulder pad, crimped hair territory, it’s past time to give your website some self-care. Luckily, we have a whole team of people here who love to geek out about design psychology, audience perception, sales strategy and building a website your clients will not only love but lead them to purchase. We’d love to help your brand live up to its full potential and brand makeovers are our specialty. Give us a call or set up a time for a conversation and let’s get the ball rolling on a website that actually represents who you are and the quality you provide!

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