Web Design That Uses Parallax Scrolling

Web Design That Uses Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Web DesignWe are web design nerds, we know. But even the non-nerdiest can appreciate the beauty of parallax scrolling effects, which are becoming more and more prevalent online.

Never heard of parallax scrolling? You are in good company. It’s a term web designers use to describe a design in which objects on the page scroll at different rates. Combine great scrolling with with some strong visuals and you will have a breathtaking parallax site. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Parallax scrolling web design life of piLife of Pi – Best. Web Design. Ever.

All parallax sites should look this way. It’s simple, elegant, responsive and… well, downright breathtaking. This scrolling is both purposeful and driving. This site is not actually the original Life of Pi site, but it is a great promotional page that has definitely generated some buzz.


web design with parallax scrollingBeatbox Academy
– Proof That Parallax Is Fun

This site has a great retro feel that will definitely be attractive to the Life of target market. Unlike other parallax sites, this one relies on menu navigation to put the parallax effects to work. This is also a responsive web design. While this site has killer effects, it does miss the out on actually selling the service. Still, all the web designer would have to do is add a great call to action in each section, and this site would be completely iconic.


website design parallax scrollingTinke
– Web Design That Sells

Unlike the Beatbox Academy, this parallax site has the sales part down pat. This site really focuses on the product and sells, sells, sells throughout. This is a super elegant example of how to successfully use parallax scrolling for a business site. Our favorite is that the focus on the product is present from top to bottom. Great web design and great sales pitch!

Web Design With Parallax Scrolling Effects

Parallax sites aren’t all rainbows and butterflies, however. A poorly designed site will just become confusing. Make the page too long or to heavy with graphics and the page may take extra time to load on some computers.

Despite the fact that parallax scrolling has its drawbacks in the world of web design, sometimes we can’t help but wonder… are we looking at the future of websites?

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