Website Design for High Level Business

Website Design for High Level Business

website designYou started your business with passion.

The passion to provide a high quality  service or product. You’ve put your blood, sweat, tears, money and sleepless nights into making your dream happen.

However,  in order to play at a higher level you know that you need a website that allows you to attack and dominate your niche. You need a website design that reflects the brand of your company and demonstrates your unique value as soon as a visitor comes to your website.

You know this step is necessary and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business in a way that will be a huge return on investment in the modern market.

Our website designers love working with business owners who know that their business is iconic and are ready to get the right set up in order to share with the world what they have to offer.

When you work with us we will do our best to “get you” so your clients can “get you” too. We will ask you to identify some websites that you feel drawn to and really like so we can get an idea of your website design style. This discovery process is important to help you get a better understanding of your own preferences and best practices for website design.

Here are three things you need to keep in mind when looking for a website design that floats your boat.

Is the Website Design Simple to Navigate?

Even if a website has over 40 pages of information it’s important that the web designer created a  clear, organized and easy map to navigate. Make sure you look for:

  • Clear call to actions
  • Navigation  that makes sense
  • The ease at which you can find what you are searching for

What’s the Vibe of the Website?

Statistics say that a person makes a decision about their first impression in less than one tenth of a second when it comes to meeting someone new. It’s even faster when someone looks at a website! Observe what your reactions are when you visit a new site.

  • What do you think about the colors, the layout, the images?
  • Do you get a sense of that you will get your needs met?
  • Is the website design or do you feel like you want to gouge your eyes out like Oedipus Rex?
  • What is your overall feel after you navigate the site?

Is the Company’s Value Communicated in the Web Design?

Just like the first impression is communicated within seconds of visiting a site you need to be able to identify the business’s unique value fairly quickly.

  • Can you tell who they are and what they offer?
  • Are you confused as to what they are selling?
  • Does their logo and layout point you towards a clear understanding of where you are?

Sometimes it’s easier to make decisions around what you don’t want. So we will also ask you to pick out some websites that you absolutely do not like so that we can get a sense of which direction you do not want to go.

Our Goal

  • To create a website design that represents your brand
  • To communicates your unique value
  • Create a website design that is  beautiful
  • Develop on point web strategy to draw in quality prospects

Looking to get in the game at a higher level with your website design?  Schedule a free website consultation to see how we can help.

We help our clients find ways to reach their customers on the web. We combine compelling design with search engine optimization. Our goal for websites is simple: We want our clients’ websites to sell their product or service.

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