Use Your Blog to Climb in Google Rankings

Use Your Blog to Climb in Google Rankings


Why do we blog?  In an effort to become a professional blogger, right?  Not really.  Part of effective professional SEO is developing a site that is authoritative so that search engines understand that your site is worth visiting.  One way to build authority is to have a LOT of really great content that people enjoy reading, find useful, and perhaps even link to on their site (more HIGH QUALITY backlinks can be a tremendous vote for your site being a quality site in the eyes of a search engine).

Change the way you think about a blog.  Yes, in the past it was used as sort of a digital diary for writers to express their opinions and self-publish content.  Today, think of each blog post as a new web page.  Nothing more.  Every time you write a blog, it is seen as its own separate web page on your site centered around a very specific and targeted topic.  If your goal is (and it should be) to build relevant content that people can find through search engines, there is no more powerful tool than a blog.


Two thirds of the buying process is now done before a potential client looks at suppliers.  During this phase they are researching alternatives, seeking information, trying to get questions answered, and forming opinions about the market.  Your blog is your tool you’ll use to get in on that discussion during the most important phase of the buying process.

By blogging effectively and honestly with a sound marketing strategy, you have a tremendous opportunity to be a thought leader in your industry.  This is not your opportunity to trick people into traffic.  This is your opportunity to answer their questions honestly.  The end result will be your ability to influence part of the buying process you have very little access to right now.


Those businesses that are trying to drive relevant traffic to their site will benefit from a blog.  Businesses in very competitive markets can also benefit greatly and actually achieve a significant competitive advantage.  Most businesses will benefit from a blog, but it is absolutely critical if you are selling a product that involves research, long sales cycles, or many alternative choices. Be sure to take the time to optimize your blog posts using current search engine optimization techniques. By adding a post to your blog, you are actually adding a page to your website, and you are therefore increasing your authority on the web. Huzzah!


Get a blog set up.  We suggest WordPress but there are many blog software options.  Make sure it is integrated into your site.  Call in your employees and have them make a list of the questions they get asked on a regular basis.  Take the list determine which topics to cover first.  Perform keyword research.  Your blog posts should be about 400-600 words, using headers and bullet points for quick scanning. Images should be used that are relevant to the topic. Make sure you have calls to action in the blog and a form for more info.  Monitor success and refine the process based on traffic data. Want to learn more? Check out our e-book.


Iconic can help you develop and implement a blog strategy that will engage and delight prospects, boost lead generation, and support overall inbound marketing tactics. More than anything, your blog should be actively positioning you as a thought leader in your industry. Don’t you want your customers to see you as a reliable source of information? If you’d like to learn more about how and why you should take the time to keep a blog,Iconic is happy to help. We’ve been helping businesses crank out blog posts for years. Our content writers can take the time to learn about your business and keep a blog for you.

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