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A brand is the complex thought that you own in your target market’s mind.

It should tell the story of your company, offerings, and value propositions.

Every message, piece of literature, sales call, and client interaction is a chance to build your brand or deconstruct it. Your branding agency needs to get this right.
Brand Story
Brand Story
Be honest. Do you know yours? Do your employees, prospects, and clients? Let’s fix that.
Consistent Elements
Consistent Elements
Every brand element must be consistent. You work so hard to tell your story. We should make sure it doesn’t end in confusion.
Competitive Advantage
Competitive Advantage
There’s something different about you. You aren’t like anyone else. You are remarkable. Let’s find out why and leverage it.
Value Communication
Value Communication
Can you, in 60 seconds or less, communicate the value you provide your clients? Sure you can! Let’s work on it.

Iconic Digital Branding Capabilities

It’s a lot, but don’t worry, our first few consultations will help us agree on the specific branding tools that will deliver the most impact for your brand.

  • Listen & Understand

    Current Brand Audit
    Mission, Vision, Values
    Market Research (including: Surveys, Focus Groups)
    Revenue Stream Analysis
    Current Customer Journeys
    Business Model Canvasing
    Goals for Engagement

  • Clarification & Agreement

    Strategic Branding Plan
    SWOT Analysis
    Future Positioning Statement
    Definition of Deliverables
    Refinement of Goals

  • Value Propostition

    Define Value Proposition
    Positioning Statements
    Competitive Analysis
    Differentiation Opportunities
    Buyer Personas
    Brand Storytelling

  • Design, Test, & Refine

    Brand Identity Design
    Brand Tagline
    Brand Personality
    Logo Design
    Brand Style and Guidelines
    Web and Print Design
    Design Iterations

  • Campaign & Expand

    Press Release
    Social Media Campaign
    Digital Marketing Campaigns
    E-mail Marketing

Branding is complex. Are you just looking for a logo or simple design work?

Branding is complex. Are you just looking for a logo or simple design work?

Complete. Remarkable. Iconic.

We Help Discover, Build, and Maintain Brands

See how we helped the Hamilton East Public Library with Branding.

Library Branding: Ideas Live Here

The Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) wanted an Indianapolis branding agency that could help them create and execute a plan for a brand and logo refresh. After getting to know the library staff and their mission it was pretty clear their brand and website needed to be fresh, full of energy, and bursting with creativity just like the library. We wanted the new site to be inviting and to act like a digital branch. Our team developed a new logo and brand guidelines; a responsive, user-focused website; a digital strategy, and creative pieces for the library.

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