Logo Design

Are you ready to stand out in a sea of logos that all look the same?

Does your logo have what it takes to stand out in a sea of sameness?

Download our ultimate logo checklist and find out.

Your logo makes an impression. Is it the right one?

Sure, slapping three dots in a circle might look cool. But, it doesn’t mean anything.

Your logo design needs to do more than look cool. It needs to tell a story – your story.
Target Market
Target Market
Speak to your audience through your logo. Let them know what you’re about without saying anything. An iconic logo says it all.
Value Proposition
Value Proposition
Raise your voice. Make your story heard. Your logo should show off what makes you, well, you. Does it?
Outshine the Competition
Outshine the Competition
It’s time to stand out the right way. Time to rise above the competition. Your logo should leave all of your competitors in the dust. We can help make it iconic.
Keep It Consistent
Keep It Consistent
Stretch it. Smush it. Enlarge it. Change the colors. Crowd text and images around it. The more you change it the worse it gets. Consistent logo usage is key. How are you using it?

The Iconic Logo Design Process

Not sure where to get started with your logo? No worries. That’s what the Iconic team is here for. As an Indianapolis logo design company, we’ll help you develop the strategy behind a fresh, approachable, and killer logo design.

  • Listen & Understand

    Current Logo Audit
    Mission, Vision, Values
    Goals for Engagement

  • Clarification & Agreement

    Strategic Logo Plan
    Definition of Deliverables
    Refinement of Goals

  • Design & Refine

    Logo Design Concepts
    Refine Concepts

Ready to leave the competition behind with an iconic logo design?