HEPL 1 Color Rev Vertical

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HEPL 1 Color Rev Vertical

Branding // Web Design  // Information Architecture


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Meet Hamilton East Public Library

At the heart of what they do, Hamilton East Public Library is focused on serving its community.

We knew from the start that this library wasn’t like other libraries and we were eager to work with them.


Like many libraries, the Hamilton East Public Library was struggling to connect with their changing community. Somewhere along the way, patrons lost sight of what the library had to offer. While the library was busy building up their offerings and technology, patrons thought libraries only offered books.


A New Approach To An Already-Iconic Offering

It started with a rebrand.


The first step in helping Hamilton East better connect with their patrons was to design a new logo. The new logo needed to remind people of the library while also be fresh enough that it didn’t feel stiff or outdated.

The result is an open book with three color sections, each representing one of the three branches of the library – the Noblesville Branch, The Fishers Branch, and the Digital Branch (their website).


There’s More To The Story Than Just The Logo

HEPL Green
Spring Green
We wanted a fresh green to represent a revitalized approach. After all, the library isn’t just about books anymore.
Sky Blue
This soothing blue represents tradition and trust, something the library has represented for decades.
HEPL Orange
Bright Orange
This brilliant orange symbolizes the creative energy that can be found within the library’s walls.

Meet The New Tagline

Ideas Live Here

The library’s new tagline reminds patrons that the library is full of information. It isn’t just about the latest best-selling book. It’s about the newest technologies, connecting with past, and discovering new things every day.


A New Look & A New Strategy

Here’s the new website.


The library needed a site that was accessible from anywhere at any time. It needed to be a digital branch that users could reserve books through, find information, and discover downloadable content.

With an updated strategy, we were able to deliver a website that is mobile responsive, easy to navigate, and easy for the library team to update.

Cheryl Jurgens

Community Relations & Marketing Manager

“The process of rebranding your company’s image can be daunting in itself, but to add a total website redesign makes the task even more challenging. With Iconic Digital on our team, we were able to make the magic happen in a very short amount of time and with great results. Iconic not only brought their creativity and personality to the design process but also helped guide us through the launch and introduction of the new brand and website to our Board members, staff and public. The results? A logo, color palette, and tagline that reflects a fresh image of who we are and who we serve. And a new website, designed in a thoughtful, user-friendly format that is effective, efficient, and importantly, easy to administer. We now have an image and website we can be proud of for years to come.”


In the year following the redesign, the number of new visitors to the website increased by 51%.


In the months following the launch of the new website the traffic to the site increased 100%.


The average amount of time users spent on the site increased by almost 60% with the launch of the new site.

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