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Brand Refresh // Web Design  // Sales Strategy // Promotional Website


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Meet StratoStar


StratoStar uses high-altitude weather balloons to get students out of their seats and excited about learning.

The project-based learning programs that StratoStar helps implement into schools helps students better understand STEM education by providing first-hand experiences.


StratoStar’s brand wasn’t delivering the level of excitment that their offering did and their website was outdated and not built with a sales funnel strategy.


A New Approach To An Already-Iconic Offering

It started with a brand refresh.

We helped StratoStar create a fresh and memorable brand mark that could be used in marketing materials. We also helped revise their current brand strategy and built out a new website that segmented their audience. By directing customers to the information they need, we were able to help StratoStar tell their story more effectively.

After the site was complete, we helped design ebooks and other marketing collateral to get the brand’s story into the hands of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Rebuilding The StratoStar


An Iconic Story For An Iconic Customer

StratoStar has an incredible story. They are literally changing the education landscape by helping students access STEM education. However, their story was still incomplete.

The team at Iconic helped change that. We worked with StratoStar to refine their messaging and really hone in on what they were offering: a tool to excite students and get them involved in the learning process.


Founder & CEO

“The team at Iconic took my brand to a completely new level. When I first came to them, I was only looking for basic graphic design services, but once we started collaborating, I realized that they brought so much more to the table than just awesome graphic design. They worked with our team members to build a complete digital strategy, and now, because of Iconic’s expertise in sales, my website brings in tons of meaningful leads. Iconic was really able to get us the tools we needed to engage our target market and expand to locations and customers we could not reach without Iconic’s help!”


Since the redesign, StratoStar's site traffic has increased by 42%.


The website attracts approximately 900 new users every month.

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