Branding in the Real World. The Power of a Great Sign.

Branding in the Real World. The Power of a Great Sign.

Branding and SignageBranding your company is critical to success.  No surprises there. Branding is more than a logo or a catchy company mantra.  It’s about coordinating a number of different elements, some visible and some not so visible, in your target market’s mind to create a memorable and desirable recognition of your offering.  One incredibly important way to reinforce that is through your company’s signage.

Think of your sign as a flag on the battlefield of your industry.  It not only communicates the location of your base, but it can also be a source of pride welcoming your loyal soldiers (employees) to the combat every day.  With the right mix of creative design and high quality craftsmanship, your sign will help you sell products, instill pride in the organization, and communicate your value proposition as a tangible and enduring beacon of marketing goodness.

Recently, Iconic Digital Marketing, had the opportunity to work with Signworks.  More than any other sign company in Indianapolis we have seen, these guys get it.  What do they get?  Branding.  It’s easy to think of sign companies as the little retail shops that pound out temporary plastic garage sale signs or maybe the guys you go to when you need to slap up one of those fluorescent box letter signs that you see atop a restaurant or retail establishment.  While we’re sure Signworks does those things, we would not say that’s the extent of their value to business by any means.

These guys are different.  They utilize their advanced graphic design abilities, quality craftsmanship, and knowledge of the newest technologies to take an idea and bring it to life in the real world.  The result: tangible branding that communicates a message continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no subscription costs or pay per click expense.  The sign continues to effectively gain impressions without any type of input.  It communicates a sense of high quality and attention to detail that our clients expect from us.  Every day, it pushes the message of “Strategic Thinking” that our marketing firm seeks to own in the target market’s mind.

Need stats?  Ok.  A sign can be seen on people’s regular commute 50-60 times in a month (try to afford that number of impressions with traditional advertising).  A sign, for a local business, accounts for more than 50% of its new business acquisition.  A substantial opportunity for new business for a local business lives or works within a five mile radius of the location.  Numerous studies have shown that consumers make determinations about the quality and perceived value of a company’s offering based on signage and image (meaning a sign may actually affect your ability to charge higher prices for services).  You have, at most, three seconds to capture someone’s attention with your brand message – better talk to a professional.


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