Don’t Let Your Branding Develop On Accident

Don’t Let Your Branding Develop On Accident

Accidental BrandingWhen you are getting a business up and running, it’s very easy to have accidental branding. You know the kind… you want your business cards printed, so you grab a neutral, professional-looking logo off a stock photo site. You start selling and before you know it, you are off and running. It’s a great feeling to be bringing in the bucks, right?

But then, one day, you stop and realize that your logo and your brand has nothing to do with your offering. There is nothing distinctive about it, and you know that you need to get on a new level before you really start making the big bucks.

Why Accidental Branding Hurts Your Business Identity

We often like to think of building a brand like building a house. While you may be worried about having a roof over your head, you can’t rush around and build the roof before the foundation is laid. It can be frustrating to take the time to get branding done properly, but without a strong foundation, your business will inevitably hit a point where it doesn’t have any distinction in your industry. You may even reach a point where you feel like the spirit of the brand you once wanted is falling to pieces.

Accidental branding happens all the time, but it doesn’t need to. It doesn’t take as much time as you might think to develop a killer brand identity. If you work with the right team (ahem!), you will be able to get the tools you need very quickly. It’s time to (very intentionally) build your brand so you have a strong foundation to build your business up and up and up. Here’s what you need:

A Strong Logo

No, not something pulled from a stock photo site. You will need a strategic logo that speaks to your target market.

A Complete Branding Package

This would include a wide variety of logo files and branding guidelines that will help you keep your look and your messaging consistent.

A Strategic Plan

Once your branding is established, it will do your business no good if it lies forgotten in the dust. You will need a strategic plan that helps you leverage your new branding identity to bring money though the door.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t let the branding piece develop accidentally. If you don’t consciously take the time to tell a story to your target market, your target market will create a story about you… and it may not be the story you want to tell.

If you are reading this and realizing that you maybe have a case of accidental branding, you can still take action. Let’s get you an incredible brand that magnifies your opportunities tenfold. Don’t believe it can happen? Let’s sit down for a free consultation so you can see how great branding can help your business.

Branding Consultation

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