Get Your Voice Right – Part 2 | Small Business Branding

Get Your Voice Right – Part 2 | Small Business Branding

 Last week we talked about the importance of adding personality into your blog posts for your business. This week we are going to talk about how you can put personality into your blog posts.

 Passion Can Save a Person’s Life: 

Have you ever read a blog or an article written by someone who was really passionate about the subject they were writing about? There are some vegan food bloggers that are so excited about food, ingredients, and presentation that they can make kale sound as good as sirloin.

Heck, they might even convince the meat and potatoes guy to add a few leaves of kale into his diet and perhaps even save him from heart disease.

Tips for Making Kale Taste Good: 

  • Think about what topics you get excited about and find ways to transfer that emotion into the topic you are writing about.
  • Use unexpected analogies to help paint a better picture for yourself and your readers. It will get people thinking while they read.
  • Make sure that you understand your topic enough that it sparks passion inside of you.
  • Imagine yourself on the other end of the computer screen reading what you wrote. Would it get you up or make you hit the snooze button again?
  • Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial or quirky. Have an opinion about what you are talking about.

What if you’ve tried all of these tips and you still need inspiration to craft words that keep the reader engaged and wanting to…well keep reading. That’s after all the goal of good copy. To get the reader to go to the next sentence…

…and the next one after that…

…and the one after that…

See what I did there?

But seriously, overuse of ellipses won’t save you.

Providing value will.

Discover the Pain Point of Your Audience: 

Remember that businesses survive because they are providing value to their customers (or potential customers). When a person is typing in search words for a solution, they are really searching for a solution to their pain.

No one likes to watch someone else suffer…unless you are just plain evil. But I trust that if you’re reading this you’re not.

Become Your Customer’s Advil: 

When you are in pain and you visit a medical professional, she will spend time to understand what your symptoms are so that she can write the best prescription for your issue. Providing value means uncovering the pain point of your customers, getting in their shoes to understand their symptoms, and finally providing the best solutions through your blog content. You can start a diagnosis by asking these questions:

  • What problems do you see in your potential customers’ market?
  • How can your business provide relief for your potential client?
  • What topics will provide value in the minds of your reader?
  • If you could have a face to face conversation with your ideal customer over this topic, what would you say to them to show them that you have the solution they are looking for?

Hopefully, this was helpful to you.


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