There is More to Logo Design Than Meets the Eye

There is More to Logo Design Than Meets the Eye

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Brand marks, brand images are critical to marketing strategy as it must be well thought out and appeal to a specific target market.  Logo design typically include an image, color selection, font selection, and company mantras.

Any one of a million marketing companies can design a logo that is pretty.  “Pretty” is cool.  Well-researched imagery that appeals to a target market and helps you communicate to a target audience strategically is where we excel.


People often form very strong opinions and perceptions at first glance.  With the correct imagery you can influence those opinions and communicate trust, innovation, luxury, or any of a number of messages about your offering.  Great brands make companies memorable.  Color selection, fonts, alignment, and many other tiny details can be pulled together to create a complete company profile at a glance.


Look closely at your logo and brand marks.  Try to look at them objectively.  Go back to your core value proposition and your brand positioning statement.  Does it all match (fonts, colors, brand mark)?  Does it fit the target audience that you are trying to appeal to?  Is the logo design strategic in nature or simply a pretty image?  Do you have standards for how you use it?


Strong brand images are important, not only for companies large and small, but also individuals that are trying to build a brand in an industry. If you are trying to make it in business, you will benefit from a strong logo design. You know who else benefits? Your customer. Help your customer sort through all the bad apples by giving them a logo that really makes them see and remember you.


Iconic can help you develop and implement a strategy that will engage and delight prospects, boost lead generation, and support overall inbound marketing tactics. But the first step is a strong logo design. Strong logo design has the power to change the face of your brand. If you’d like to learn more about how to fortify your logo with a company that’s not just another Indianapolis logo design company, it’s time to connect with the team at Iconic.

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