Small Business Marketing: The Logo File Type Checklist

Small Business Marketing: The Logo File Type Checklist

The Perfect Logo For All Places

Small Business MarketingSmall business marketing requires that you have a presentable logo. Yeah, you have a company logo. Heck, you even LIKE your logo design… but for some reason, every time you go to send it to the embroiderer or the billboard company, ugly things happen. Maybe you have the files you need for your small business marketing
efforts, but you aren’t sure how to use them… but maybe you are missing files for your logo.

Here is the logo file type checklist you need for your logo package.

EPS File

An EPS is a vector file that can be expanded infinitely, while still maintaining its quality. This is because this type of artwork is created from a series of lines and dots, each with an associated mathematical formula. You probably won’t be able to open an EPS on a basic computer, but this is the file type many printers will ask for, so keep it handy.

PDF File

This file you WILL be able to open on your computer, provided you’ve downloaded Adobe Reader. This is also a great file to have, especially if it is a PDF exported from a vector program. If this is the case, your PDF will retain vector information and can be opened using vector programs. Also, even if you are printing directly from a PDF, expect good results (assuming the PDF was exported properly).

JPG File

Don’t count on these 100% for high resolution print jobs… but they are good to have. JPGs are opaque files that can be used on your website and on smaller print pieces. If your logo has fine lines, be sure you have a JPG that is above 300 dpi. Super thin lines merit 400 dpi or even 600 dpi. The long and short of it is that you want a JPG file at a usable size that doesn’t throw quality out the window either. Talk to the designer who developed your logo to explain what your needs are, so you can have the right logo files in your final logo design package.

PNG File

While JPGs do not support transparent backgrounds, PNGs do. PNGs are used for small business marketing on the web and are usually fairly low resolution. You will want PNGs for anything digital.

TIF File

If you are printing quite a bit and need your logo to have a transparent background, TIFs are files for print that support just that. With the print business slowing down, not all marketing firms are including this file type in final logo packages, but it never hurts to have it.

Do you need more logo file types to support your small business marketing?

If you have all of these file types, but you are still experiencing problems with your logo, it might be time to connect with a team of designers who can make your logo usable. Your small business marketing efforts shouldn’t suffer because you are short on logo files. Don’t worry. If you talk to Iconic, we won’t pressure you to redesign… we WILL help you get all of the file types you need to use your logo wherever you want, whenever you want.

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