Save 8 Work Days With This Life Hack – Improving Efficiency At Work

Save 8 Work Days With This Life Hack – Improving Efficiency At Work

Improving Efficiency at WorkImproving efficiency at work starts with a tiny change.

Looking for ways to start improving efficiency at work?  You can save days in your work year by shaving seconds and minutes off everyday computer functions. How? The answer is simple.

Key commands.

Founder of Brainscape Andrew Cohen estimates that the average employee with a computer job can save 64 hours of work per year by learning key commands (also known as “keyboard shortcuts”). That is 3% of the average employee’s entire year, or eight work days.

 Key Commands To Get You Started

Knowing universal key commands can get you well on your way to improving your efficiency at work. Here are just a few basic commands that will help you get started…

  • Crtl/⌘ + C – Copy
  • Crtl/⌘ + V – Paste
  • Crtl/⌘ + A – Select all
  • Crtl/⌘ + S – Save
  • Crtl/⌘ + Z – Undo
  • Crtl/⌘ + Y – Redo
  • Crtl/⌘ + X – Remove/delete
  • Crtl/⌘ + O – Open existing document
  • Crtl/⌘ + N – Open new document
  • Crtl/⌘ + F – Find
  • Crtl/⌘ + P – Print

Expand Your Key Command Prowess

There are thousands if different key commands, believe it or not, and they have great power to help you start improving efficiency at work. The first thing to realize is that Mac and PC devices utilize different key commands.  Here are some resources for you to get started in the right direction:

Not only do keyboard shortcuts vary depending on what type of machine you are using, they also vary depending on the software you use. Different programs utilize their own unique key commands.  It is important to take the time to learn the key commands for programs that you spend a lot of time using. Try a search for the name of your program and the keyword “keyboard shortcuts” or “key commands” to get off and running. Most sophisticated softwares have established lists of keyboard shortcuts that users can download and save as a reference point. By obtaining key command lists, you are taking the first steps on the road to improving efficiency at work using key commands.

How To Leverage Key Commands For Improving Efficiency At Work

There are hundreds upon hundreds of key commands. Our recommendation: Don’t try to learn them all at once. Start by printing a list of relevant key commands. Highlight a few that you think will be most useful. Learn them.

After you’ve learned your first set, go back and establish other commands that will be helpful to you… by using a tiered approach, you can give yourself time to really commit your key commands to muscle memory.

If you are a key command guru, don’t forget that there are always more key commands that you can learn. If it seems like there should be a shortcut for it, there probably is. Also, if there is no shortcut, many programs offer the capability to create your own shortcuts. For tasks that you find yourself repeating often, it may be worth it to assign your own key command.

Making the change today will help you begin improving efficiency at work.

You can take 15 minutes out of your day to find and print a list of key commands… especially if it is going to save you 64 hours of work over the course of the year. What are you waiting for? Time to make a change!

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