Five Indiana Businesses We Are Thankful For

Indianapolis digital marketing firmAs an Indianapolis digital marketing firm, we like to try to keep a pulse on local businesses. Here in Indiana, there are so many wonderful business owners doing incredible work. We love it.

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we wanted to take a few moments to shine the spotlight on some Indiana businesses that deserve all the love they can get. We are so thankful that these Indiana businesses are sharing their work with our community. 

Five Indiana Businesses We Are Thankful For


Beer lovers, you’ve never tasted brews like the ones Zwanzigs makes. We had the good fortune of sampling some of their best brews at a local beer festival this summer, and their beer was the best in the bunch. These guys know good beer. Their Cucumber Lime Kolsh… the Ticket Chocolate Beer… Beauregard’s Blueberry… the Rye Barrel Aged Eisbock… amazing. We could probably sip on their Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale, well, forever.  We want to send a huge thanks to the team of brewers in Columbus, Indiana for their incredible work. Keep it up, Zwanzigz!


Yup, just what it sounds like. Whoopie pies, midwestern style. This bakery is right here in Indianapolis and is bringing this town all kinds of incredible whoopie pies. They really get into the spirit of the holidays with their creative seasonal flavors. You had no idea whoopie pies could have such great variety, right? We want to send Whoopie a huge thank you for making Indy a sweeter place to be!

Locally Grown Gardens

Owned and operated by chef Ron Harris, Locally Grown Gardens is a local gem. Seriously. This charming restaurant in Broad Ripple feels like it hopped over from Europe, and the food is unique and savory. This is the perfect spot to share a meal with someone special. Take our word for it… it’s SO worth it to go and enjoy the market, sample the goods and soak up the shabby chic vibe. Thank you for such delicious food, Locally Grown Gardens! We love you!

The Wedding Studio

This ultra-chic bridal salon is located in the Arts and Design District in beautiful Carmel, Indiana. The Wedding Studio has a gorgeous view and a glamorous atmosphere, perfect for trying on dresses for the big day. They also carry gorgeous bridal gowns from some of the most elegant collections. We found this gem during the Indy Bridal Hop, and we still haven’t forgotten their awesome shop. We want to thank The Wedding Studio for helping Indianapolis brides find their perfect dresses.

Collingwood Metalworks

The geniuses at DouglasBrandt design are cranking out some exquisite work here in Indianapolis. They design and create unique custom jewelry… but they aren’t just jewelers. They are artists. It’s great to see such beautiful work coming out of the heart of Indianapolis. Collingwood Metalworks, thank you for sharing your beautiful work/talent with Indianapolis.

Thanks for all your hard work… from an Indianapolis digital marketing firm.

Take some time this Thanksgiving to support local businesses. This Indianapolis digital marketing firm is excited about all of the local businesses that are making a difference right here in Indiana. Keep up the good work everyone! Happy holidays!

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