5 Marketing Resources for April

5 Marketing Resources for April

Every month we scour the Internet to bring you some of the most relevant marketing resources we can find. Sometimes these These marketing resources are designed to help you increase your marketing efforts.marketing resources are infographics and other times, they’re helpful videos. The content we round up is all about helping you help your business and your marketing efforts.

1. Quality design work has a much bigger impact on your business than you may think.

When it comes to your business’ creative, it pays to have quality designs. How much? According to a recent infographic, 57% of US consumers will pay more for a product or service that has good design. When you think about the impact that has, doesn’t it make sense to pay more for better designs? Check out The Impact of Creative infographic and start thinking about your own creative.

2. It’s time to finally jump on the Instagram train, if you haven’t already.

Social media is already a huge part of your marketing strategy. (If it’s not, it really should be.) But, there’s a good chance that you haven’t started using Instagram. Whether you just don’t know what to post or don’t want to, it’s time to start. The first step is to create an Instagram content strategy. This will help you define your posts and keep you on track. Check out this great post from Wishpond on creating an Instagram Strategy.

3. Social media video experiments result in three key takeaways.

For most, video advertising and video marketing hasn’t ever been a huge priority. However, with social media, video is becoming easier and easier. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, video is playing a bigger role in marketing than ever before. However, there may be a right and wrong way to shoot and share your videos. Check out these 3 Takeaways from a Video Experiment.

4. Brand storytelling has to move beyond the walls of your organization.

Transparency is a huge buzzword in the business world. Whether you’re talking about your process or how you interact with clients, you want to be transparent. But, have you been transparent in the way you tell your brand’s story? Have you stopped talking about “us’ and “them”? It’s time to. It’s time to forget the idea of your business being separate from your audience. It’s all about the “we.” Here’s how to Break the Fourth Wall in Storytelling.

5. Using the new Facebook Stories to reach your audience.

In case you missed it, Facebook recently launched their new version of Stories. Similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Facebook’s new feature allows you to record video and share it with your audience. The content will delete after 24 hours. But, you don’t want to just jump in and start creating this content without a strategy. Check out this post on Using Facebook Stories for Marketing.

Ready to knock your marketing out of the park. The team of digital marketing experts at Iconic Digital are ready to help you get your content lined up and your designs on point. We’ll even help you take the ideas and strategies from this month’s marketing resources and turn them into actionable tactics.

What are you waiting for? Contact Iconic Digital today.

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