Recent Small Business Marketing Projects

Recent Small Business Marketing Projects

Small Business Marketing 9We have shared many of our thoughts on small business marketing with all of you… but instead of talking about what we think, we wanted to show you our philosophy in action.

We’ve been lucky… our clients are pretty kick-butt, we won’t lie. We have had a lot of fun working on a wide variety of small business marketing projects right here in Indianapolis. We have even had a client or two in New York.

Ready to see what we have been working on?

Stratostar – Video Production For Small Business

We had a lot of fun working on this sci-fi-esque piece for Stratostar. This unique company inspires students to learn about math and physics by devising experiments using weather balloons. Stratostar came to us asking for an introductory animation that would pique the interest of students. They really wanted something that had a Sports Center, cutting-edge kind of feel. We are geeks for multimedia design, so this was definitely our cup of tea.

More Small Business Marketing Projects To Come…!

These are just a few of our recent projects. We want to thank these clients for giving us the opportunity to work with them… we have been having a pretty great time. That said, we have tons more coming down the pipeline. Hey, they say staying busy keeps you out of trouble, right?

If you want help with an upcoming small business marketing project, we would love to hear from you.

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