4 Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Techniques More Clickable

4 Tips To Make Your Email Marketing Techniques More Clickable

email stampBetween the advertisements, employer, client, family, and friend emails the average person receive too many emails in a day to read or even open. It is cutthroat competition when it comes to getting your emails open and read. Here are some tips that will help make your emails separate themselves from the email marketing techniques of others. 

1. Edit the preview text
Preview text should be the catchiest of all lines. Avoid a subject line in the “dead zone” of 60-70 characters. After reading this line people have two choices, to click open or delete, so give them a reason to explore your message further. Try personalizing or localizing this line to make it even more appealing to viewers. Consider your own emails and the ones that appear appealing to you.

2. Add links to buttons and images
The attention span of the average reader is quickly diminishing. Make your email visual by replace those ugly buttons with cute clickable buttons. Images are a great way to grab attention and add direction to your email. As much as we would like for our awesome graphics to show up on every email… this is not feasible. Be sure to consider the plain text and mobile version of each email.

3. Timing is everything
Before blasting your email be sure to look closely at your target market and what devices they may use. B2B emails are normally opened during the business day on a desktop computer. Emails targeted at personal addresses will normally be opened before and after the business day. Also, weekend open rates are growing quickly so do not be afraid of sending out your email on Saturday or Sunday!

4. Integrate social sharing
Remember that the main objective of sending email is to drive traffic. Keep in mind we live in a social world. Even though we still see a large return on investment in email marketing, consider the opportunity to evolve and grow your social networking. These social icons will only help your business, giving people the opportunity to learn more and maybe even give you a like.

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